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  1. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film L for Leisure

  2. Slow Immersion's rating of the film L for Leisure

    The form was quite an interesting mix of rohmer, mumblecore, and some experimental frames not too dissimilar some of Todd's work; but ultimately the characters, and humour was dreadful.

  3. diane pernet's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Dialogue is dreadful and I found it extremely boring.

  4. Braddis's rating of the film L for Leisure

    The good thing about "Mumblecore movies" is that they make me re-evaluate some of the "60's french new wave movies" i despised and think "yeah, they weren't that bad after all..." One extra star for the good use of 16mm aesthetic.

  5. Marie Alco's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Mais en fait, il n'y a pas vraiment d'histoire... Cette plongée dans le monde universitaire des années 90 est en fait un peu ennuyeuse. Et lente.

  6. tanguys's rating of the film L for Leisure

  7. Marie's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Je n'ai pu le terminer en raison du niveau de prétention des dialogues. Le premier effet humoristique caricature de jeunes chercheurs se perd entre deux contemplations d'activités de loisir sur bande son techno-pop...

  8. vuillermoz jacky's rating of the film L for Leisure

    jj'aime vraiment ce film...un film sur rien mais tellement reposant, belles images, ça me donnerait presque l'envie d'avoir 40 ans de moins pour retrouver cette insouciance engoissée... en plus la BO est superbe.... c'est un peu l'esprit Wabi Sabi : "de l'imperfection nait la beauté" ou quelque chose comme ça!!!

  9. Ludovic72's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Vues au second degré (comme un regard ironique sur une certaine faune californienne du début des années 90), ces séquences sont assez amusantes, y compris à cause du jeu plus que douteux de la plupart des acteurs. Mais 40 minutes auraient largement suffi ! Malgré de beaux paysages et des musiques adéquates, les réalisateurs n'ont pas le talent de Sofia Coppola pour montrer ce genre de vacuité... (2,5 / 5)

  10. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Aussi mal joué que dans 1 porno, mais ce n'est pas 1 porno === 2 girls discuss how to get high ? "Soak a tampon in vodka and then into your vagina". Vous voyez le genre ... Quelle misère ... Si je crée une liste des navets de Mubi j'essayerai de ne pas oublier celui-la.

  11. Graham Ball's rating of the film L for Leisure

    First film I have watched in 2016 and a perfectly wonderfully understated way to start the New Year. 3.5 strong stars for this one - I just got it and it got me. God bless MUBI for bringing gems like this to my attention and making them so accessible via my Android app! I was engrossed in the talky, very pedestrian, way this film crossed characters, seasons and continents. Perfect antidote to seasonal TV dross...

  12. Piccia's rating of the film L for Leisure

    What the HELL is this? And how dare you, Mubi, making me pay to watch it? Unbelievably bad.

  13. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film L for Leisure

    A wry look at American boredom with echoes of Roy Andersson and some beautiful photography. What makes this film slightly difficult to watch are the characters which remain too lifelike to really enjoy, but this (ironically) adds to the bizarre surreality of a wandering mind.

  14. innersmiff's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Plotless meanderings of pretentious college students in the early 90s. Surprisingly, I didn't hate it. Kalman and Horn have a skill for putting you in a place. The soundtrack moods you in and you'll be yearning for some sun.

  15. janh24's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Great soundtrack and some fairly entertaining moments, but still conceited and hollow.

  16. Landen Celano's rating of the film L for Leisure

    WTF did I just watch? But in a good way? Maybe? I think? It's a time capsule of 1993 buried by a hipster from today.

  17. Max Seqgar's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Like, awesome hahah so much the experience taking my M.Sc. in '98... long discussions of "important" matters... "studying" laying down on the Vancouver beach park... "it won't last forever" a sour ex-bf would remind me... Sigh...

  18. Crina Cătălina Bucur's rating of the film L for Leisure

    It started out downright terrible, with unconvincing characters and frivolous dialogs, to such extent that every scene appeared to be the prelude of a cheap, tasteless porn movie. It gets slightly better towards the end.

  19. Raul Duarte's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Si instagram fuera una película sería está.

  20. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film L for Leisure

    'Yo bro, pass the mineral water'. A very droll, parodic commentary on graduate student life. You have to be in the mood but if sufficiently tickled it's very funny. 'I thought the problem would be finding and talking to tree spirits. But it's not true. There are multiple tree spirits'.

  21. mdm's rating of the film L for Leisure

  22. David R Williams's rating of the film L for Leisure

    This seems to have certainly polarized the Mubi members. As much as I have to agree with just about everything the haters are saying about this...there's something about it that drew me in and kept me watching...sort of like how you just have to look at a roadside accident perhaps? You don't want to stare but damn it - your head just twists that way. Alternative arthouse comedy? Hmmm...not really.

  23. George Elkind's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Filmed with a loose, witty and seemingly improvised style, L for Leisure doesn't have much punch but provides lots to enjoy. Examining a time and age characterized by numerous forms of tunnel vision--a product of sheltered upbringing and blindered privelege--the film remains affectionate throughout. If it teases, it still sidesteps the trap of being overly knowing; therein lies its charm.

  24. the_mentaculus's rating of the film L for Leisure

    Vignettes of parodied teen to graduate hipsters. I want to relate to it and yet I find it pandering and pretentious. Even when a somewhat profound thought is happened upon, I am ushered away from further discussion due to how droll and unattached everyone seems to be about said point. Is it a pseudo-doc or a comedy? Both seem to fail in delivery.

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