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  1. msmichel's rating of the film La Antena

    Brilliant film from director Esteban Sapir that revels in silent film history while telling an interesting tale. Often feeling like a child of Fritz Lang the film's most apt comparison however would be the work of Guy Maddin with its avant-garde use of silent film conventions. Well worth seeking out.

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film La Antena

    Decisamente molto simile stilisticamente ai film di Guy Maddin, ma la sua maestria supera di molto quella di Sapir.

  3. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film La Antena

    An enthralling and visually stunning modern take on silent film. Definitely worth a watch for its sheer creativity.

  4.'s rating of the film La Antena

    (...)Ein bisschen scheint Sapir da den Pioniergeist jener Zeit misszuverstehen: Die Klassiker versuchten nicht nur gut auszusehen, sondern vielmehr ein Medium zu entwickeln! Genug aber der kritischen Einwände, denn trotzdem bietet La Antena neben seinen wirklich wundervollen Bildern auch genug amüsante Momente, um gut zu unterhalten(...)

  5. irish_aris's rating of the film La Antena

    a very beautiful film. Music is absolutely amazing!!!

  6. Henk Lamers's rating of the film La Antena

    Final score: 7. Storyline: 6, Originality: 7, Cinematography: 7, Involvement: 6, Music: 7, Editing: 7, Educational: 6, Title design: 7, Acting: 7, Interesting: 6, Unusual: 7, Exciting: 6, Superior: 6

  7. Bilan's rating of the film La Antena

    wat ontzettend goed gemaakt en wat een interessante en boeiende film! een pareltje, doordacht en vol liefde gemaakt!

  8. Gaik Cheng Khoo's rating of the film La Antena

    We definitely see references to the days of silent cinema but the other references are much more contemporary--graphic novels! The relationship between text and iconic visuals works like a charm--constantly inventive and surprising. And it doesn't have that annoying disruption of intertitles between acting that silent cinema had. A parable with great set design and a nostalgia for old technology.

  9. Cole Caudle's rating of the film La Antena

    This was marvellous. The Dutch subtitles did little to clarify what was going on (I had more luck deciphering the original Spanish inter-titles) but it didn't matter. This was a film which spoke through gloriously beautiful images.

  10. albertofarina's rating of the film La Antena

    Just try and picture an anti-TV fairy-tale crossing Lang's "Metropolis", Méliès and Karel Zeman. A fascinating achievement from Argentina's Esteban Sapir and a must watch for anyone who has not forgotten how powerful cinema can be when it's not hampered down by useless dialogue

  11. Arnaldo Cristaldo's rating of the film La Antena

    Mierda...el cine latino es el purete!!!

  12. Pooyan R's rating of the film La Antena

    Well it's silent cinema and it's way better that The Artist . But at that time it didn't got the attention that The Artist attracted recently.And it makes me unhappy...and a little mad!

  13. danliofer's rating of the film La Antena

  14. Susan Harris's rating of the film La Antena

    i watched this stoned. it was so awesome.

  15. KiNo's rating of the film La Antena

    Undeniable beauty of black and white imagery supersedes the narrative quicksand of a metaphor that sadly enslaves the entire film and its unsurprising trajectory. It's plot is more like a Simpson's episode, even then it would have been more creative. It's a fancy tribute that depletes by recalling the true masterpieces of cinema.

  16. sictransit's rating of the film La Antena

    I cannot disagree with you more, even if I try. This is an absolutely fantastic film, full of charm and wonder. Although sometimes too overt, it brilliantly blends social commentary and political statement, with pastiche. It is beautifully shot, and has a grace to it. I think this is a fine example of extending pastiche to incorporate contemporary technology and create something old, but new.

  17. Matt Pritchard's rating of the film La Antena

    Amazing film, so glad I bought it when I did. A blind purchase, and it's now in my top 20 of all time.

  18. Quinton Roach's rating of the film La Antena

    A truly original film, worth the trouble of finding in the united states.

  19. Pierre's rating of the film La Antena

    It has the stylistic imagination and vivaciousness of a Guy Maddin, but the plot is alot more political and 'straight'. It's very sci-fi in the Brazil/City of Lost Children sense and deals with cartoonish absolutes. That's always fun? Also, "silent cinema" has been dead for decades.

  20. Fernanda Bernal's rating of the film La Antena

    Esta pelicula tiene un claro interés en hacer un homenaje al cine mudo, me parecieron maravillosos los subtítulos con "vida propia". Quien a estas alturas hace cine en blanco y negro y tiene exito?, este fue el caso de este director con este proyecto.

  21. Jose Luis De Lorenzo's rating of the film La Antena

    Definitivamente LA ANTENA consagra a SAPIR como uno de los mejores cineastas argentinos con solo 2 films en su haber, y lo mejor a destacar es que su propuesta "es" original. Ya sus colaboraciones como director de fotografía me había llamado la atención, pero en esta tan cuidada historia, las diversas técnicas, el diseño y el ingenio es lo que prevalece, no tanto así el argumento del film. 7/10