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  1. Photo of Guido Lombardi

    Guido Lombardi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gianluca Curti

    Gianluca Curti Producer

  3. Photo of Gennaro Fasolino

    Gennaro Fasolino Producer and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dario Formisano

    Dario Formisano Producer

  5. Photo of Gaetano Di Vaio

    Gaetano Di Vaio Producer and Cast

  6. Photo of Francesca Amitrano

    Francesca Amitrano Cinematography

  7. Photo of Kader Alassane

    Kader Alassane Cast

  8. Photo of Moussa Mone

    Moussa Mone Cast

  9. Photo of Esther Elisha

    Esther Elisha Cast

  10. Photo of Billy Serigne Faye

    Billy Serigne Faye Cast

  11. Photo of Fatima Traore

    Fatima Traore Cast

  12. Photo of Alassane Doulougou

    Alassane Doulougou Cast

  13. Photo of Salvatore Ruocco

    Salvatore Ruocco Cast

  14. Photo of Franco Caiazzo

    Franco Caiazzo Cast

  15. Photo of Marco Mario De Notaris

    Marco Mario De Notaris Cast

  16. Photo of Annalisa Forgione

    Annalisa Forgione Editing

  17. Photo of Giuseppe 'Beppe' Leonetti

    Giuseppe 'Beppe' Leonetti Editing

  18. Photo of Maica Rotondo

    Maica Rotondo Production Design

  19. Photo of Giordano Corapi

    Giordano Corapi Music

  20. Photo of Davide Mastropaolo

    Davide Mastropaolo Sound

  21. Photo of Leandro Sorrentino

    Leandro Sorrentino Sound