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  1. Mugino's rating of the film The Beast

    My mind went straight to Gilbert Gottfried's gruff recitation of Bigfoot erotica.

  2. Floraldperal's rating of the film The Beast

    aburrida; el hilo de la historia no era firme ni interesante. Hubo un punto donde el erotismo del filme se tornaba morboso a causa de la hípersexualización de la mujer y de las escenas de la bestia, todo lo contrario a sensual.

  3. Roy Robinson's rating of the film The Beast

    Wannabe Buñuel sex romp is short on wit, craft & eroticism. Brownie points for the horse cum in the opening scene & that perv in the beast suit. Just skip to the naughty bits.

  4. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film The Beast

  5. German's rating of the film The Beast

    Animalismo, sexo, humor negro. Todo lo necesario para ser una comedia negra de antología.

  6. Andreea's rating of the film The Beast

    Is erotica a genre for films? This film is delightful, funny and what-the-f*** at the same time. Aesthetic, plus a monstrous fake penis.

  7. jonathan's rating of the film The Beast

  8. fgonzalezse's rating of the film The Beast

  9. Pegarange's rating of the film The Beast

    3/10. The worst segment of "Immoral Tales" added to a mediocre story.

  10. dionysus67's rating of the film The Beast

    A film replete in (re)doublings of the human-beast hierarchy from the bourgeoisie's love for pets and furs to nobility and colonial subjugation, parents and children, mentors and molesters. If the spurt of the female body and the beast's phallic cathexis render Freud the paradigm par excellence the automatism of fluids bears on French materialism to which Boro's camera-eye pays homage to, effacing moral hierarchies.

  11. Luca's rating of the film The Beast

    Un interessante stimolo erotico che riesce a far riflettere sulla nature umana, e non solo, attraverso uno sguardo che "penetra" nell'ipocrisia del benpensante che dovrà affrontare la bestia per poterne uscire vivo, divertito e forse un po' più libero. (immagini esplicite - ottima fotografia)

  12. lesminho's rating of the film The Beast

  13. Korial's rating of the film The Beast

    The decision to draw a feature film starting from one of the 'Immoral Tales' was wise as much as the act of pouring a glass of water into a cup of rare wine.

  14. Juan's rating of the film The Beast

    Se trata de dos historias acopladas a la fuerza. Sin embargo, las situaciones eróticas tienen valor en sí.

  15. shane.morgan1's rating of the film The Beast

    Seems an obvious reference for last year's "Les Garcons Sauvages" - same oneiric, orgiastic quality; same kitsch appeal; same conflation of Nature with a sexuality at once violent and transcendental. A really wonderful film.

  16. Tomaso Pessina's rating of the film The Beast

    The film didn't survive his age. Now that is no more so shocking it remains a movie with a weak plot and characters, with some poorly shot sequences. I didn't find it neither shocking nor entertaining nor deep nor linguistically interesting. Just a little fun and a little boring.

  17. BloodyBartek's rating of the film The Beast

    Wgląd w historyczne ujecie kina perwersyjnego, odartego z zachamowań. Film odważny, poszukujący ale nie zaspokajający potrzeb estetycznych, chociaż może w tej brutalnej perwersji też można doszukiwać się jakiejś formy ekspresji. Raczej nie posłuży nigdy za anegdotkę podczas spotkania ze znajomymi

  18. andres96tejeiro's rating of the film The Beast

    This is a magnificent example of extreme cinema done right.

  19. easypz's rating of the film The Beast

    Mubi's blurb warns to anticipate delight & offense. I didn't find the movie substantial enough to provoke either. The satire is hackneyed; there's not enough bite in it to gratify or agitate. This leaves mere titillation, which has the least need of competency, and I find disheartening.

  20. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Beast

    Beginning with a lofty quotation from Voltaire, the film's real centrepiece, a bestial scene of violation & seduction in a pastoral setting, feels closer to a pornographic Monty Python sketch. Much of the film is actually quite dull; a stilted country-house mystery that goes nowhere. However, it works on a level of sheer audacity; creating something that while absurd, has much to say about desire & the beast within.

  21. Balthaz21's rating of the film The Beast

  22. Dries's rating of the film The Beast

    la scena del footjoob è sublime ma è tutto talmente trash che non si puo' certo prender sul serio

  23. Juan Javier's rating of the film The Beast

  24. Jason's rating of the film The Beast

    LA BÊTE is handily Borowczyk's most benevolently outré excursion beyond the outer reaches of good taste and decorum. If you take it, as many will, like a slap to the face, it would credit you to view this slap as an act of service. It all makes eminently good and merry philosophical sense. Let's please have a good-natured larff at the carnal basics of our constitution as one weird-ass ultimately-endearing species.

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