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  1. Photo of Julio Salvador

    Julio Salvador Director

  2. Photo of Luis G. de Blain

    Luis G. de Blain Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francisco Elías

    Francisco Elías Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alejandro Martí

    Alejandro Martí Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Concha Velasco

    Concha Velasco Cast

  6. Photo of Pepe Rubio

    Pepe Rubio Cast

  7. Photo of Pedro Porcel

    Pedro Porcel Cast

  8. Photo of Terele Pávez

    Terele Pávez Cast

  9. Photo of Lluís Torner

    Lluís Torner Cast

  10. Photo of Josefina Tapias

    Josefina Tapias Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Iranzo

    Antonio Iranzo Cast

  12. Photo of Sonia Bruno

    Sonia Bruno Cast

  13. Photo of Ismael Merlo

    Ismael Merlo Cast

  14. Photo of Aurelio G. Larraya

    Aurelio G. Larraya Cinematography

  15. Photo of Juan Durán

    Juan Durán Music

  16. Photo of Manuel Infiesta

    Manuel Infiesta Production Design

  17. Photo of Albert Gasset Nicolau

    Albert Gasset Nicolau Editing

  18. Photo of Ana Pedrola

    Ana Pedrola Costume Design