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  1. mis marg's rating of the film La Bouche

    would rather have been out dancing kizomba tonight.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film La Bouche

    Perhaps even more insubstantial than Cilaos, because it doesn't even nail down a set aesthetic, this makes what could have been a powerful idea into something decidedly average instead.

  3. mpho3's rating of the film La Bouche

    "Restrepo shows a contained sensibility through dances, faces and rhythms. The mouths are shut, but the hands are open and express themselves. The mouths also sing, laugh, celebrate, as an option for insurrection." - DesistFilm. Restrepo's films are fascinating to me. There's something about them that seem retro, primal, tribal, punk and modern all at the same time.

  4. Jo De Vliegher's rating of the film La Bouche

    Beautiful mini opera featuring great dancers and musicians, well-structured in clear acts. Unfortunately, cinematography was below standard. It seemed as if the camera operator had a broken leg and couldn’t do anything else than standing on a spot and panning around. An overdose of close-up imagery and a lack of variation in perspective further crippled the visuals. I had expected a more creative photography.

  5. Anna Maria Fundarò's rating of the film La Bouche

  6. DrFirestone's rating of the film La Bouche

    This film feels connected with Cilaos in what seems a transcendent way... They both are unique an amazing experiences, which form a diptych and are probably best watched together. While both are unique and beautifully poetic, I felt Cilaos resonated with me a bit more, it's somehow more mysterious and memorable overall. Still, I think this short is definitely worth watching.

  7. lou.'s rating of the film La Bouche

    Only music can touch and express the deepest sorrow of a brokenhearted father who's lost her girl.

  8. malbrown2's rating of the film La Bouche

    The drum playing was good. Maybe a little simplistic in choreography. Thankfully it was short.

  9. captainfez's rating of the film La Bouche

  10. Edward Morris's rating of the film La Bouche

    Startling. Thank you. (I didn't like the sound of the drums. But I understand he wasn't the regular drummer.)

  11. Étrange's rating of the film La Bouche

    There is a sense of exotic, women that could be dominating the techniques of voodoo in what is a portrait of the eminence of a revenge movie. Again the connection between the beginnings of the island and the fight for civil rights in a variation of CILAOS that carries a regained conscience of Nature itself. Done with a great devotion to music and the pleasure of rhythm intertwined with the meditation.

  12. Madri's rating of the film La Bouche

    An intensively unusual experience.

  13. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film La Bouche

    Excellent. Great use of traditional jembe and dance, fantastic singing. Unusual and effective. I play jembe, I've never seen such great shots of playing hands and facial movement in a film. Enigmatic, interpretive, fascinating. I often want films to be shorter, it was the opposite with this one, it could have been much longer, more dance, more drumming.

  14. Kate Gaudy's rating of the film La Bouche

    a drum that is like the sharp blades of rage, expert camera movement, simple, the leaf and dance scene could be hours long and i would gladly watch it.

  15. Slappy McGee's rating of the film La Bouche

    Artistic, yet still highly cinematic vision that is part song, part poetry, part metaphysical journey into a man's psyche. There's a lot that seems slightly elusive, as this type of artistic genre might lean towards. But there is also much to interpret and that might be a very personal journey for the individual. Personally, I found some great meaning here.

  16. Manuel Peroni's rating of the film La Bouche

    This film is alive, this film is full of life. Painful life. This guy Restrepo is full of life, too, and courage. Colombiano tenía q ser. He has the courage to point to this painful conflicts so we can see them too. And he articulates his sensibIlity in such an original and artistic way, that it surprises you in every shot. Brilliant ending, amazing face. Those drums and singing peeled my skin off. ChapeauGraciasloco

  17. P D Dawson's rating of the film La Bouche

    Full of meditative music and lyrics, much like its predecessor, but in this slightly longer film we see a more emotional spirit. Trickery with camera angles, such as a bowl of food, turning into a drum when the camera pans back, are just one example of the clever manipulation of a twisted reality, all heightened by tribalistic beats that only further transcend this stirringly simple yet brilliant short film. Kudos

  18. FISCHER's rating of the film La Bouche

    Un intérêt musical évident, mais cinématographiquement c'est plutôt quelconque !

  19. Cosma's rating of the film La Bouche

    I'm experiencing a process of bewitchment with this filmmaker... This is both nice and painful, just like falling in love with someone (something like: I love you, I will protect you, please don't hurt my feelings...)

  20. Viktor Laszlo's rating of the film La Bouche

  21. glhrmefc's rating of the film La Bouche

    short / musical. similar to other director short. I believe the dialogue worked well on 'Cilaos' and could be more present here.

  22. Lefteris Charitos's rating of the film La Bouche

  23. panagiotatos's rating of the film La Bouche

  24. Sergey Belov's rating of the film La Bouche

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