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  1. Photo of Manuel Noriega

    Manuel Noriega Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alejandro Pérez Lugín

    Alejandro Pérez Lugín Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Carmen Viance

    Carmen Viance Cast

  4. Photo of Luis Peña padre

    Luis Peña padre Cast

  5. Photo of Juan de Orduña

    Juan de Orduña Cast

  6. Photo of Pedro Elviro

    Pedro Elviro Cast

  7. Photo of Florián Rey

    Florián Rey Cast

  8. Photo of José Arguelles

    José Arguelles Cast

  9. Photo of Ceferino Barrajón

    Ceferino Barrajón Cast

  10. Photo of Gregorio Cruzada

    Gregorio Cruzada Cast

  11. Photo of Barón de Kardy

    Barón de Kardy Cast

  12. Photo of Francisco García Ortega

    Francisco García Ortega Cast

  13. Photo of Luis García Ortega

    Luis García Ortega Cast

  14. Photo of Eugenia Illescas

    Eugenia Illescas Cast

  15. Photo of Juan Maestre

    Juan Maestre Cast

  16. Photo of Arturo Marín

    Arturo Marín Cast

  17. Photo of Domingo del Moral

    Domingo del Moral Cast

  18. Photo of Juan Muñiz

    Juan Muñiz Cast

  19. Photo of Guillermo Muñoz

    Guillermo Muñoz Cast

  20. Photo of Alfonso Orozco

    Alfonso Orozco Cast

  21. Photo of Clotilde Romero

    Clotilde Romero Cast

  22. Photo of Vicente Suárez

    Vicente Suárez Cast

  23. Photo of Dolores Valero

    Dolores Valero Cast

  24. Photo of Antonio Moriyón

    Antonio Moriyón Producer