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  1. Photo of Lucrecia Martel

    Lucrecia Martel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lita Stantic

    Lita Stantic Producer

  3. Photo of Hugo Colace

    Hugo Colace Cinematography

  4. Photo of Mercedes Morán

    Mercedes Morán Cast

  5. Photo of Graciela Borges

    Graciela Borges Cast

  6. Photo of Martín Adjemián

    Martín Adjemián Cast

  7. Photo of Leonora Balcarce

    Leonora Balcarce Cast

  8. Photo of Silvia Baylé

    Silvia Baylé Cast

  9. Photo of Sofia Bertolotto

    Sofia Bertolotto Cast

  10. Photo of Juan Cruz Bordeu

    Juan Cruz Bordeu Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea López

    Andrea López Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Valenzuela

    Daniel Valenzuela Cast

  13. Photo of Noelia Bravo Herrera

    Noelia Bravo Herrera Cast

  14. Photo of Sebastián Montagna

    Sebastián Montagna Cast

  15. Photo of Fabio Villafane

    Fabio Villafane Cast

  16. Photo of Diego Baenas

    Diego Baenas Cast

  17. Photo of Santiago Ricci

    Santiago Ricci Editing

  18. Photo of Graciela Oderigo

    Graciela Oderigo Production Design

  19. Photo of Ana Aizenberg

    Ana Aizenberg Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Diego Guebel

    Diego Guebel Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Mario Pergolini

    Mario Pergolini Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Guido Berenblum

    Guido Berenblum Sound

  23. Photo of Adrián de Michele

    Adrián de Michele Sound