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  1. Photo of Curtis Hanson

    Curtis Hanson Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of James Ellroy

    James Ellroy Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brian Helgeland

    Brian Helgeland Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Producer

  5. Photo of Dante Spinotti

    Dante Spinotti Cinematography

  6. Photo of Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe Cast

  7. Photo of Guy Pearce

    Guy Pearce Cast

  8. Photo of Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey Cast

  9. Photo of James Cromwell

    James Cromwell Cast

  10. Photo of Kim Basinger

    Kim Basinger Cast

  11. Photo of Danny DeVito

    Danny DeVito Cast

  12. Photo of Dan Kolsrud

    Dan Kolsrud Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Michael G. Nathanson

    Michael G. Nathanson Producer

  14. Photo of David L. Wolper

    David L. Wolper Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  16. Photo of Peter Honess

    Peter Honess Editing

  17. Photo of Jeannine Claudia Oppewall

    Jeannine Claudia Oppewall Production Design

  18. Photo of Ruth Myers

    Ruth Myers Costume Design

  19. Photo of David Strathairn

    David Strathairn Cast

  20. Photo of Ron Rifkin

    Ron Rifkin Cast

  21. Photo of Matt McCoy

    Matt McCoy Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Guilfoyle

    Paul Guilfoyle Cast

  23. Photo of Paolo Seganti

    Paolo Seganti Cast

  24. Photo of Elisabeth Granli

    Elisabeth Granli Cast

  25. Photo of Amber Smith

    Amber Smith Cast

  26. Photo of Darrell Sandeen

    Darrell Sandeen Cast

  27. Photo of Simon Baker

    Simon Baker Cast

  28. Photo of Graham Beckel

    Graham Beckel Cast

  29. Photo of Allan Graf

    Allan Graf Cast

  30. Photo of Precious Chong

    Precious Chong Cast

  31. Photo of Will Zahrn

    Will Zahrn Cast

  32. Photo of Tomas Arana

    Tomas Arana Cast

  33. Photo of Michael McCleery

    Michael McCleery Cast

  34. Photo of Jack Conley

    Jack Conley Cast

  35. Photo of Ginger Slaughter

    Ginger Slaughter Cast

  36. Photo of Jeremiah Birkett

    Jeremiah Birkett Cast

  37. Photo of Salim Grant

    Salim Grant Cast

  38. Photo of Karr Washington

    Karr Washington Cast

  39. Photo of Marisol Padilla Sanchez

    Marisol Padilla Sanchez Cast

  40. Photo of Steven Lambert

    Steven Lambert Cast

  41. Photo of Gregory White

    Gregory White Cast

  42. Photo of Brenda Bakke

    Brenda Bakke Cast

  43. Photo of Jeff Austin

    Jeff Austin Cast