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  1. Photo of Jean Anouilh

    Jean Anouilh Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gaston Bonheur

    Gaston Bonheur Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henri Calef

    Henri Calef Screenplay

  4. Photo of Serge de Poligny

    Serge de Poligny Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Pierre Richard-Willm

    Pierre Richard-Willm Cast

  6. Photo of Jany Holt

    Jany Holt Cast

  7. Photo of Line Noro

    Line Noro Cast

  8. Photo of Palau

    Palau Cast

  9. Photo of Anne Belval

    Anne Belval Cast

  10. Photo of Gaston Gabaroche

    Gaston Gabaroche Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Dhéry

    Robert Dhéry Cast

  12. Photo of Simone Valère

    Simone Valère Cast

  13. Photo of Fernand Charpin

    Fernand Charpin Cast

  14. Photo of Edouard Delmont

    Edouard Delmont Cast

  15. Photo of Roger Hubert

    Roger Hubert Cinematography

  16. Photo of Marcel Mirouze

    Marcel Mirouze Music

  17. Photo of Jacques Krauss

    Jacques Krauss Production Design

  18. Photo of Jean Feyte

    Jean Feyte Editing

  19. Photo of Jacques Carrère

    Jacques Carrère Sound

  20. Photo of René-Christian Forget

    René-Christian Forget Sound