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  1. Photo of Rachel Weinberg

    Rachel Weinberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lea Massari

    Lea Massari Cast

  3. Photo of Laurent Terzieff

    Laurent Terzieff Cast

  4. Photo of Gérard Blain

    Gérard Blain Cast

  5. Photo of Evelyne Dress

    Evelyne Dress Cast

  6. Photo of Didier Sauvegrain

    Didier Sauvegrain Cast

  7. Photo of Gabriel Jabbour

    Gabriel Jabbour Cast

  8. Photo of Claude Brosset

    Claude Brosset Cast

  9. Photo of Pierre Saintons

    Pierre Saintons Cast

  10. Photo of Rudolph Monori

    Rudolph Monori Cast

  11. Photo of Jacques Serres

    Jacques Serres Cast

  12. Photo of Gérard Cuvier

    Gérard Cuvier Cast

  13. Photo of Florence Blot

    Florence Blot Cast

  14. Photo of Eloïse Beaune

    Eloïse Beaune Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Blanchet

    Vincent Blanchet Cast

  16. Photo of Claude Cernay

    Claude Cernay Cast

  17. Photo of Nicolas Chesnay

    Nicolas Chesnay Cast

  18. Photo of Alain Choquet

    Alain Choquet Cast

  19. Photo of Marc de Jonge

    Marc de Jonge Cast

  20. Photo of Marika Hodjis

    Marika Hodjis Cast

  21. Photo of Gabriel Marfaing

    Gabriel Marfaing Cast

  22. Photo of Jean-Marie Marguet

    Jean-Marie Marguet Cast

  23. Photo of Mireille Pame

    Mireille Pame Cast

  24. Photo of Claude-Bernard Perot

    Claude-Bernard Perot Cast

  25. Photo of Jocelyne Quentin

    Jocelyne Quentin Cast

  26. Photo of Maurice Rollet

    Maurice Rollet Cast

  27. Photo of Bruno Rosaz

    Bruno Rosaz Cast

  28. Photo of Benjamin Straus

    Benjamin Straus Cast

  29. Photo of Roland Timsit

    Roland Timsit Cast

  30. Photo of Michèle Dimitri

    Michèle Dimitri Producer

  31. Photo of Romain Didier

    Romain Didier Music

  32. Photo of Georges Strouvé

    Georges Strouvé Cinematography

  33. Photo of Violette Marfaing

    Violette Marfaing Editing

  34. Photo of Geoffroy Larcher

    Geoffroy Larcher Production Design