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  1. Photo of Eduardo Mignogna

    Eduardo Mignogna Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jorge Goldenberg

    Jorge Goldenberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Graciela Maglie

    Graciela Maglie Screenplay

  4. Photo of José Antonio Félez

    José Antonio Félez Producer

  5. Photo of Carlos Mentasti

    Carlos Mentasti Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Federico Jusid

    Federico Jusid Music

  7. Photo of Marcelo Camorino

    Marcelo Camorino Cinematography

  8. Photo of Juan Carlos Macías

    Juan Carlos Macías Editing

  9. Photo of Graciela Fraguglia

    Graciela Fraguglia Production Design

  10. Photo of Hugo E. Lauría

    Hugo E. Lauría Production Design

  11. Photo of Ricardo Steinberg

    Ricardo Steinberg Sound

  12. Photo of Miguel Ángel Solá

    Miguel Ángel Solá Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Darín

    Ricardo Darín Cast

  14. Photo of Gerardo Romano

    Gerardo Romano Cast

  15. Photo of Patricio Contreras

    Patricio Contreras Cast

  16. Photo of Inés Estévez

    Inés Estévez Cast

  17. Photo of Norma Aleandro

    Norma Aleandro Cast

  18. Photo of Alejandro Awada

    Alejandro Awada Cast

  19. Photo of Vando Villamil

    Vando Villamil Cast

  20. Photo of Alberto Jiménez

    Alberto Jiménez Cast

  21. Photo of Arturo Maly

    Arturo Maly Cast

  22. Photo of Facundo Arana

    Facundo Arana Cast

  23. Photo of Oscar Alegre

    Oscar Alegre Cast

  24. Photo of Juan Ponce de León

    Juan Ponce de León Cast

  25. Photo of Antonella Costa

    Antonella Costa Cast

  26. Photo of Erasmo Olivera

    Erasmo Olivera Cast

  27. Photo of Mario Paolucci

    Mario Paolucci Cast

  28. Photo of Luis Margani

    Luis Margani Cast

  29. Photo of Marcelo Mazzarello

    Marcelo Mazzarello Cast

  30. Photo of Martín Pavlovsky

    Martín Pavlovsky Cast

  31. Photo of Silvina Bosco

    Silvina Bosco Cast