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  1. Photo of Jorge Carmona

    Jorge Carmona Director

  2. Photo of Aldo Miyashiro

    Aldo Miyashiro Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of José Alonso

    José Alonso Cast

  4. Photo of Carlos Alcantara

    Carlos Alcantara Cast

  5. Photo of Pietro Sibille

    Pietro Sibille Cast

  6. Photo of Jason Day

    Jason Day Cast

  7. Photo of Lita Baluarte

    Lita Baluarte Cast

  8. Photo of Sergio Galliani

    Sergio Galliani Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriela Iturrizaga

    Gabriela Iturrizaga Cast

  10. Photo of Carolina Pampillo

    Carolina Pampillo Cast

  11. Photo of Melania Urbina

    Melania Urbina Cast

  12. Photo of Erika Villalobos

    Erika Villalobos Cast

  13. Photo of Patricio Fuster

    Patricio Fuster Cinematography

  14. Photo of Antonio Gervasoni

    Antonio Gervasoni Music

  15. Photo of Jaime Carbajal

    Jaime Carbajal Producer

  16. Photo of Mario Ching

    Mario Ching Editing