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  1. Photo of Pierre Kast

    Pierre Kast Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Antonio Tarruella

    Antonio Tarruella Screenplay

  3. Photo of Agostina Belli

    Agostina Belli Cast

  4. Photo of Jean-Pierre Cassel

    Jean-Pierre Cassel Cast

  5. Photo of Victoria Abril

    Victoria Abril Cast

  6. Photo of Maurice Ronet

    Maurice Ronet Cast

  7. Photo of Alexandra Stewart

    Alexandra Stewart Cast

  8. Photo of Carlos Piñero

    Carlos Piñero Cast

  9. Photo of Franca Gonella

    Franca Gonella Cast

  10. Photo of Rita Pavâo

    Rita Pavâo Cast

  11. Photo of Sérgio Godinho

    Sérgio Godinho Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Serres

    Jacques Serres Cast

  13. Photo of Rogério Paulo

    Rogério Paulo Cast

  14. Photo of Georges Géret

    Georges Géret Cast

  15. Photo of Guido Alberti

    Guido Alberti Cast

  16. Photo of Beppe Chierici

    Beppe Chierici Cast

  17. Photo of Tobias Engel

    Tobias Engel Cast

  18. Photo of Diogo Dória

    Diogo Dória Cast

  19. Photo of Alexandre de Sousa

    Alexandre de Sousa Cast

  20. Photo of Sebastián Rincón

    Sebastián Rincón Cast

  21. Photo of Franco Delli Colli

    Franco Delli Colli Cinematography

  22. Photo of Maurice Leroux

    Maurice Leroux Music

  23. Photo of Gian Vittorio Baldi

    Gian Vittorio Baldi Producer

  24. Photo of António Vaz da Silva

    António Vaz da Silva Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Jean-Loup Puzenat

    Jean-Loup Puzenat Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Kenout Peltier

    Kenout Peltier Editing