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  1. Photo of Riccardo Milani

    Riccardo Milani Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Domenico Starnone

    Domenico Starnone Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sandro Petraglia

    Sandro Petraglia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Silvia Ballestra

    Silvia Ballestra Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alessandro Pesci

    Alessandro Pesci Cinematography

  6. Photo of Flavio Pistilli

    Flavio Pistilli Cast

  7. Photo of Regina Orioli

    Regina Orioli Cast

  8. Photo of Federico Di Flauro

    Federico Di Flauro Cast

  9. Photo of Paolo Setta

    Paolo Setta Cast

  10. Photo of Danilo Mastracci

    Danilo Mastracci Cast

  11. Photo of Marco Spoletini

    Marco Spoletini Editing

  12. Photo of Francesco Frigeri

    Francesco Frigeri Production Design

  13. Photo of Avion Travel

    Avion Travel Music