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  1. Photo of Lucas Demare

    Lucas Demare Director

  2. Photo of Leopoldo Lugones

    Leopoldo Lugones Screenplay

  3. Photo of Homero Manzi

    Homero Manzi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ulises Petit de Murat

    Ulises Petit de Murat Screenplay

  5. Photo of Enrique Muiño

    Enrique Muiño Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Petrone

    Francisco Petrone Cast

  7. Photo of Ángel Magaña

    Ángel Magaña Cast

  8. Photo of Sebastián Chiola

    Sebastián Chiola Cast

  9. Photo of Amelia Bence

    Amelia Bence Cast

  10. Photo of Ricardo Galache

    Ricardo Galache Cast

  11. Photo of Dorita Ferreyro

    Dorita Ferreyro Cast

  12. Photo of Elvira Quiroga

    Elvira Quiroga Cast

  13. Photo of Juan Pérez Bilbao

    Juan Pérez Bilbao Cast

  14. Photo of René Múgica

    René Múgica Cast

  15. Photo of Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts Cinematography

  16. Photo of Lucio Demare

    Lucio Demare Music

  17. Photo of Juan Ehlert

    Juan Ehlert Music

  18. Photo of Ralph Pappier

    Ralph Pappier Production Design

  19. Photo of Carlos Rinaldi

    Carlos Rinaldi Editing

  20. Photo of Jorge Di Lauro

    Jorge Di Lauro Sound