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  1. Photo of Jacques Rouland

    Jacques Rouland Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Legras

    Jacques Legras Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Claude Massoulier

    Jean-Claude Massoulier Cast

  4. Photo of Evelyne Buyle

    Evelyne Buyle Cast

  5. Photo of Darry Cowl

    Darry Cowl Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Carmet

    Jean Carmet Cast

  7. Photo of Georges Géret

    Georges Géret Cast

  8. Photo of Claude Piéplu

    Claude Piéplu Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Marie Proslier

    Jean-Marie Proslier Cast

  10. Photo of Michel Serrault

    Michel Serrault Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre Tchernia

    Pierre Tchernia Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Prévost

    Daniel Prévost Cast

  13. Photo of Micheline Presle

    Micheline Presle Cast

  14. Photo of Étienne Becker

    Étienne Becker Cinematography

  15. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  16. Photo of Marcel Varier

    Marcel Varier Production Design

  17. Photo of Pierre Aïm

    Pierre Aïm Producer

  18. Photo of Pierre Kalfon

    Pierre Kalfon Producer

  19. Photo of Philippe Ogouz

    Philippe Ogouz Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Françoise Garnault

    Françoise Garnault Editing