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  1. Gaurav's rating of the film La Haine

    A brilliant film which depicts the society breaking into a million pieces and its effect on the perception of morality. A must watch.

  2. Oğuz Emre Kılıçtaş's rating of the film La Haine

    Etkileyici özgün senaryosuyla beraber,müzik kullanımı ve bunların üstüne gelen çok iyi oyunculuk performanslarıyla ortaya böyle bir başyapıt çıkmış.Filmde yer alan diyalogların gerçekliğe çok yakın olup,filmin hiçbir zaman ''Film hissiyatı'' vermeyip filmin geçtiği 1 gün içerisinde ki tüm olayları senaryodaki vurucu zamanlar ile çok gerçekçi ve iyi bir şekilde birleştirilmesi muazzam olmuş.

  3. Tiba Hobus's rating of the film La Haine

  4. Umut Eren Abaydın's rating of the film La Haine

    büyüleyici ve yer ile bir olana kadar düşmekte problem gördürmeyen bir atmosfer... "şiddet, bireysel ya da devlet eliyle silahlanma ile nasıl doruklara ulaşır? nasıl can yakar?" sorularının harikulade cevabı. söyleyecek sözü olanları bir adım öne çıkaracak ve hatta çıkarmış bulunan bir film. izlerken, Vinz, Said, Hubert ve ekibin dördüncüsü olarak siz maceraya atılıyorsunuz.

  5. mehoKnicks's rating of the film La Haine

    C'est fou comme ce film est intemporel au niveau de sa qualité technique, ses cadrages, son rythme, ses effets de caméra, sa mise en scène inventive, sa musique, le jeu des acteurs qui mine de rien est réellement dirigé, on les voit vraiment faire de l'acting plus que faire les cons à juste reciter leurs textes, et le message est malheureusement encore assez d'actualité, en espérant qu'un jour ce ne soit plus le cas.

  6. Iulian's rating of the film La Haine

  7. jazzeyn's rating of the film La Haine

    Le monde est à N ̶v̶ous

  8. Angel Merlo's rating of the film La Haine

    A good movie, with a slow pace in most of the time that breaks with violent scenes. A portrait of the life of the neighborhoods of Paris and the racism and the circle of hate that it generates. I really liked the handling of the camera and the close-ups that highlight the expression of the protagonists.

  9. Shristi and Arjun's rating of the film La Haine

    This film is a protest first, and heartbreaking second.

  10. Jeromesweelssen's rating of the film La Haine

    classic, nothing else to say.

  11. Veer Sameer Arya's rating of the film La Haine

    poetry so relevant should be required watching

  12. Luca's rating of the film La Haine

    Intrigante la regia, per il resto quello che ti aspetti da un film ambientato nelle banlieues (quindi il peggio). Si stenta molto a credere all'amicizia tra ebrei e musulmani.

  13. zeynep baser's rating of the film La Haine

  14. Smell of Celluloid's rating of the film La Haine

    A masterpiece of all sorts. The deeper dive into sociology to understand the youth and their psyche but also how society pigeon holes them into crime and anarchy without the cushion of love and empathy.

  15. Amante Salazar's rating of the film La Haine

    Nakamamanghang naging simpatetiko ang pelikula sa marahas at lagalag na protagonista’t nagresulta sa isang pagtatapos na hindi talaga pagtatapos kundi isang bagong simula: isang tanong na paglalakbay sa paghahanap ng sagot. Kuwadro ni Kassovitz ang angas ng paksa, partikular ang problematikong tugon ng pamahalaan sa mga marhinalisado, ang imbalanse sa baitang ng lipunan, at testamento sa mamamatay-taong estado. 1312.

  16. Jenny's rating of the film La Haine

    De las mejores películas que he visto.

  17. Paco Oestreich Simoni's rating of the film La Haine

    The story flowed very well, the characters dialogue was perfect and made me feel like I was a part of it all. Many tense moments...

  18. Kutlu's rating of the film La Haine

    It's really sad to see that nothing changed in 25 years. Looking at the George Floyd protests right now really shows that history will be repeating itself forever. Acting were so natural in this movie that you will easily forget that all you're seeing is a fiction. Cult classic.

  19. Yonnic's rating of the film La Haine

    An excellent film that touches on the raw and telling story of three young men each dealing with personal realities between each other and the police. Brilliantly shot and edited and, besides the beginning of the fourth act being wobbly when it comes to its writing - this is a perfect film.

  20. dantegutierrez159's rating of the film La Haine

  21. Giulio Base's rating of the film La Haine

    When I saw it in a theatre (unfortunately dubbed in Italian), it looked like the 'perfect' movie for its time. I've seen it another couple of times during the years, it still has something special - even if now I see a few lapses of taste.

  22. DenoResandono's rating of the film La Haine

    Is it me... or the cinematography really takes me as the fourth member of their gang. It was like... I was being there. In my opinion, Mathieu Kassovitz's direction was stunning. I admired his ability make LA HAINE interesting. Too bad, I think I didn't click with this movie. I'm sure I need a rewatch sometime in the near future. Overall, LA HAINE was intriguing. It perfectly captured the theme of police brutality...

  23. Ruby's rating of the film La Haine

    Incredible! Definitely work a re-watch with a 2020 lens, if only to see how little has changed in France and the world.

  24. Armina Stepan's rating of the film La Haine

    25 years later, this movie feels fresh and of the moment, covering police violence and racial injustice in an intimate way. Although the decisions of the main characters are at best questionable, they are never mocked or looked down upon and that's what makes this movie great.

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