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  1. Photo of Terry Louise Fisher

    Terry Louise Fisher Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jane Pauley

    Jane Pauley Cast

  3. Photo of Harry Hamlin

    Harry Hamlin Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Dey

    Susan Dey Cast

  5. Photo of Corbin Bernsen

    Corbin Bernsen Cast

  6. Photo of Jill Eikenberry

    Jill Eikenberry Cast

  7. Photo of Alan Rachins

    Alan Rachins Cast

  8. Photo of Michele Greene

    Michele Greene Cast

  9. Photo of Jimmy Smits

    Jimmy Smits Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Tucker

    Michael Tucker Cast

  11. Photo of Susan Ruttan

    Susan Ruttan Cast

  12. Photo of Blair Underwood

    Blair Underwood Cast

  13. Photo of Larry Drake

    Larry Drake Cast

  14. Photo of Amanda Donohoe

    Amanda Donohoe Cast

  15. Photo of John Spencer

    John Spencer Cast

  16. Photo of Diana Muldaur

    Diana Muldaur Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Dysart

    Richard Dysart Cast

  18. Photo of Steven Bochco

    Steven Bochco Cast and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Rick Wallace

    Rick Wallace Cast

  20. Photo of David E. Kelley

    David E. Kelley Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Gibson

    Paul Gibson Cinematography

  22. Photo of Philip Hurn

    Philip Hurn Cinematography

  23. Photo of Mike Post

    Mike Post Music

  24. Photo of Mervin B. Dayan

    Mervin B. Dayan Producer

  25. Photo of Jon Wilkman

    Jon Wilkman Producer and Director

  26. Photo of Harvey Berger

    Harvey Berger Editing

  27. Photo of Robert Boucher

    Robert Boucher Editing