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  1. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film La león

    Misty, moist and mysterious. Shrouded worlds, both visual and emotional. Both gentle and stark, interestingly.

  2. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film La león

    2-3. This movie has a severe lack of conflict and that's a serious problem. That being said, its visual handle on loneliness and sensuality is astonishing. Characters are depicted with large swaths of empty space around them, as well as being shut into tight spaces; a great illustration of the state of living on an island, while sex is depicted via moonlight silhouettes, tasteful framing, and mirrored eye lines, etc.

  3. Neil Hunter's rating of the film La león

    Not sure the dramatic pay-off quite works, but the atmosphere and visuals are pretty memorable.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film La león

    D'une extraordinaire plasticité visuelle, arborant un époustouflant noir et blanc originel, une oeuvre intemporelle, austère jusqu'à l'épuisement, figée dans sa mortelle lassitude environnementale, qui véhicule en profondeur, sans aucune frilosité, quelques inéluctables et classiques schèmes (dé)structurant toute relation humaine, comme le désir et la peur, la violence, la vengeance et la haine...

  5. Alex Flores's rating of the film La león

    Why black and white? Because it works. It really does and no, it doesn't come across as pretentious it comes across as minimalist and beautiful yet compelling. The narrative although simple, manages to take us into a journey. Beautiful film not to be missed especially because it's black and white. I can't imagine it in colour now.

  6. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film La león

    3,4 Boring? Not if you ever had a secret you let gambol in dusty corners or in thistly fields like a brisk squirrel on liberal leash breathing some freedom before being corralled by silence: impart it with the speechless, so they don't pass it on. Or if you once heard retribution crouched in a few-worded, felt-soft and leaden voice. Or felt desire fluxing and well up in choral efflorescence (choir of calls and chorus

  7. Pymo's rating of the film La león

    Just follow your instinct...

  8. fruor's rating of the film La león

    #occupy pretentious films and this post