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  1. Photo of Albert Valentin

    Albert Valentin Director

  2. Photo of Maurice Blondeau

    Maurice Blondeau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Spaak

    Charles Spaak Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jacques Viot

    Jacques Viot Screenplay

  5. Photo of Georges Simenon

    Georges Simenon Screenplay

  6. Photo of André Brunot

    André Brunot Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Pâqui

    Jean Pâqui Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Tissier

    Jean Tissier Cast

  9. Photo of Jacqueline Pagnol

    Jacqueline Pagnol Cast

  10. Photo of Gaby André

    Gaby André Cast

  11. Photo of Marguerite Deval

    Marguerite Deval Cast

  12. Photo of René Bergeron

    René Bergeron Cast

  13. Photo of Jean Rigaux

    Jean Rigaux Cast

  14. Photo of Geneviève Beau

    Geneviève Beau Cast

  15. Photo of Solange Delporte

    Solange Delporte Cast

  16. Photo of Josette Daydé

    Josette Daydé Cast

  17. Photo of Marianne Hardy

    Marianne Hardy Cast

  18. Photo of Primerose Perret

    Primerose Perret Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Demange

    Paul Demange Cast

  20. Photo of Jean Bachelet

    Jean Bachelet Cinematography

  21. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  22. Photo of Serge Piménoff

    Serge Piménoff Production Design

  23. Photo of Jean Feyte

    Jean Feyte Editing