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  1. Photo of José Ramón Larraz

    José Ramón Larraz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giovanni Simonelli

    Giovanni Simonelli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfredo Matas

    Alfredo Matas Producer

  4. Photo of Daniele Patucchi

    Daniele Patucchi Music

  5. Photo of Alberto J. Soler

    Alberto J. Soler Music

  6. Photo of Antonio Millán

    Antonio Millán Cinematography

  7. Photo of Riccardo Pallottini

    Riccardo Pallottini Cinematography

  8. Photo of Raffaele Curi

    Raffaele Curi Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Maude

    Mary Maude Cast

  10. Photo of Antonio Molino Rojo

    Antonio Molino Rojo Cast

  11. Photo of Rosalba Neri

    Rosalba Neri Cast

  12. Photo of Giuseppe Pertile

    Giuseppe Pertile Cast

  13. Photo of Yelena Samarina

    Yelena Samarina Cast

  14. Photo of Fernando Ulloa

    Fernando Ulloa Cast