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  1. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    Un filme francés neorrealista. Por un lado, la historia de un pueblo echo escombros y por otro una pareja de enamorados hablando sobre el "amor" que no es nada más que el optimismo y el pesimismo de los pobladoras hacia su propia nación.

  2. er_sagt's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    A crime--a transaction gone wrong. A trip of solitude--a broken relationship. Neighborhood gossip--a dead child. Varda's first film is a beautiful and honest film of cause and effect. That is not to say that these things directly caused their matching consequence, but they pair up nicely and are interesting to think about. The cinematography pairs seamlessly with the dialogue. Recommended.

  3. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    A pesar de un principio un tanto turbio, la pelicula logra sobresalir por un honesto tratamiento del tema (matrimonio) y una excelente fotografía, no es de mis favoritas de Varda pero bien vale la pena su revision.

  4. comeandsee's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    fine early varda. her use of sound here is just like resnais marienbad which is no accident considering that her editor here was resnais. her style is concerned with links and sequences and is poetic to behold. for an early film she has incredible poise and vision. she also probes marriages and the loss of and lack of love as well as antonioni or bergman. look at this film to see why she is an all time great.

  5. AlexanderKR's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    There's a chance this could go up to four stars one day. But not after the first viewing it seems.

  6. Caden Cotard's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    While far from perfect, it's a searing and honest look at marriage.

  7. Jason's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    A striking debut. Existential reportage. Impressionistic and deeply felt. It is clear that Varda was radically inspired by the films Rossellini made in the early 50s with Ingrid Bergman. The collaboration here with Alain Resnais says a great deal about where these extraordinary artists were coming from in the early stages of their remarkable careers .

  8. William Carlino's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    "...and by the inhabitants of Pointe Courte" . I love Agnes; right up front she credits the locals with telling the story; juxtaposing real life passion with the cool detachment of theater. The beauty lies in the compositional detail. A film to watch again, without the audio track. Bravo! Varda, a true and original artiste.

  9. Doinel's rating of the film La Pointe Courte

    Has Resnais ever acknowledged how much he owes to her? Tell me there isn't just a bit of the foundation of Marienbad here. Just a superb director.

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