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  1. Photo of Luc Déry

    Luc Déry Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Kim McCraw

    Kim McCraw Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Élaine Hébert

    Élaine Hébert Producer

  4. Photo of Éliane Préfontaine

    Éliane Préfontaine Cast

  5. Photo of Hubert Lemire

    Hubert Lemire Cast

  6. Photo of Antoine Duchesneau

    Antoine Duchesneau Cast

  7. Photo of Léo Caron

    Léo Caron Cast

  8. Photo of Sophie Goyette

    Sophie Goyette Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of François Messier-Rhéault

    François Messier-Rhéault Cinematography

  10. Photo of Isabelle Malenfant

    Isabelle Malenfant Editing

  11. Photo of Jean-David Perron

    Jean-David Perron Sound

  12. Photo of Marie-Soleil Denault

    Marie-Soleil Denault Production Design

  13. Photo of Michaël Bonneau-Fortin

    Michaël Bonneau-Fortin Cast

  14. Photo of Jules Philip

    Jules Philip Cast

  15. Photo of Mathieu Handfield

    Mathieu Handfield Cast