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  1. Kevin Langhamer's rating of the film La Soledad

  2. Alejandro's rating of the film La Soledad

    Contemplative and assertive, it leaves you with more questions than answers with a strong and beautiful poetic insight in to Venezuela's uncertain reality.

  3. mootz15's rating of the film La Soledad

    Informative (going as it does beyond the stereotypical empty shelves you see on the news), and benefitting from a superb mise-en-scene and camera work which give the film a very contemplative, photo-essay sort of feel. There is an obvious dose of white guilt running through some scenes which distracts from an otherwise subtle and thoughtful portrayal of everyday racism. "Ghost story" felt very underdeveloped .

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film La Soledad

    Completely failed to be pulled into this story. Threads are woven, and none of them really matter. The image and script is fairly weak as well.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film La Soledad

    An intimate and engrossing look at life lived in great poverty, this film manages to balance out the bleak and the beautiful in an effective way, creating something that becomes surprisingly poignant by the time the end credits roll.

  6. McOpinionated's rating of the film La Soledad

    Beautiful Agit-Art. Most people in the world have boring or scrape-along lives with more chances of death, robbery than the hoped-for escape to a fun lifestyle, one which so many younger British, American and Europeans aspire to/dream of/expect. They/we should watch and think on these normal Venezuelans who REALLY face huge challenges. In Britain, most *can* expect peace. (Not all, so if you care, viewer, help them.)

  7. SiIencio's rating of the film La Soledad

    Armand depicts very faintly and with economy of resources the inner struggles of the lead character to survive in what it is perhaps an allegory of a social transitional period in Venezuelan history. Light touches remind us of the current socio-poilitical situation in the country without taking a partisan position. However the impression was weak, unremarkable. It did not bare weight. It was ever so softly whispered.

  8. pacific231's rating of the film La Soledad

  9. Savi Goyal's rating of the film La Soledad

  10. Esteban Almiron's rating of the film La Soledad

    Boring and depressive. A white wealthy director tells us that if you are black and poor in Venezuela you don't have any chance. And this is not because of a long history of slavery and colonialism. Wonder who's to blame. If it wasn't for the media in Europe and US trashing Venezuela's government, ignoring context, this movie would pass totally unnoticed

  11. Al Green's rating of the film La Soledad

    What is the solitude in the title ? The feeling of being left behind by those that once cared for you. A lack of state support. The slave cast into an eternity to guard his bounty. This film throws up many questions in a quiet and beautiful rumination on history, family and colonisation.

  12. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film La Soledad

    Just suffused with melancholy and nostalgia. There are some wonderful metaphors for the current state of Venezuela: searching for gold and finding razor blades and being rocked passively to and fro on the waves and eddies of the ocean.

  13. sanamg's rating of the film La Soledad

    An amazing portrait of a house and family having to adapt to their country's difficult situation. Subtle hints of Venezuelan politics playing out in the background. Beautiful images and sound.

  14. Eiti-Leda's rating of the film La Soledad

    A must-watch. Beautifully shot, stunning non-actors work. The most interesting Venezuelan film I've watched so far.

  15. Nunox's rating of the film La Soledad

    Hypnotic. Slow-placed. Reminiscent of Apichatpong's films.