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  1. Photo of Michael Mann

    Michael Mann Director, Executive Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Scott Plank

    Scott Plank Cast

  3. Photo of Alex McArthur

    Alex McArthur Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Rooker

    Michael Rooker Cast

  5. Photo of Ely Pouget

    Ely Pouget Cast

  6. Photo of Vincent Guastaferro

    Vincent Guastaferro Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Chaves

    Richard Chaves Cast

  8. Photo of Victor Rivers

    Victor Rivers Cast

  9. Photo of Laura Harrington

    Laura Harrington Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Baldwin

    Daniel Baldwin Cast

  11. Photo of Clarence Gilyard Jr.

    Clarence Gilyard Jr. Cast

  12. Photo of R.D. Call

    R.D. Call Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Dobson

    Peter Dobson Cast

  14. Photo of Xander Berkeley

    Xander Berkeley Cast

  15. Photo of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Cast

  16. Photo of Juan Fernández

    Juan Fernández Cast

  17. Photo of Ronald Victor Garcia

    Ronald Victor Garcia Cinematography

  18. Photo of Tim Truman

    Tim Truman Music

  19. Photo of Dean Taucher

    Dean Taucher Production Design

  20. Photo of Patrick Markey

    Patrick Markey Producer

  21. Photo of Dov Hoenig

    Dov Hoenig Editing

  22. Photo of Pat Field

    Pat Field Costume Design