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  1. Photo of Jacques Poitrenaud

    Jacques Poitrenaud Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michel Lebrun

    Michel Lebrun Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean-Charles Lagneau

    Jean-Charles Lagneau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gérard Carlier

    Gérard Carlier Screenplay

  5. Photo of José Luis Barbero

    José Luis Barbero Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean-Loup Dabadie

    Jean-Loup Dabadie Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michel Serrault

    Michel Serrault Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  9. Photo of Sophie Desmarets

    Sophie Desmarets Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Richard

    Jean Richard Cast

  11. Photo of Francis Blanche

    Francis Blanche Cast

  12. Photo of Laura Valenzuela

    Laura Valenzuela Cast

  13. Photo of Caroline Cellier

    Caroline Cellier Cast

  14. Photo of Patrice Laffont

    Patrice Laffont Cast

  15. Photo of Sébastien Poitrenaud

    Sébastien Poitrenaud Cast

  16. Photo of Darry Cowl

    Darry Cowl Cast

  17. Photo of María Granada

    María Granada Cast

  18. Photo of Laura Granados

    Laura Granados Cast

  19. Photo of Jacques Legras

    Jacques Legras Cast

  20. Photo of Andréas Winding

    Andréas Winding Cinematography

  21. Photo of Georges Garvarentz

    Georges Garvarentz Music

  22. Photo of Raymond Gabutti

    Raymond Gabutti Production Design

  23. Photo of Mario Chabert

    Mario Chabert Producer

  24. Photo of Albert Jurgenson

    Albert Jurgenson Editing