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  1. Photo of Claude Zidi

    Claude Zidi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Didier Kaminka

    Didier Kaminka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Simon Michaël

    Simon Michaël Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thierry Lhermitte

    Thierry Lhermitte Cast

  5. Photo of Miou-Miou

    Miou-Miou Cast

  6. Photo of Eddy Mitchell

    Eddy Mitchell Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Boujenah

    Michel Boujenah Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Benguigui

    Jean Benguigui Cast

  9. Photo of Annick Alane

    Annick Alane Cast

  10. Photo of Claudine Wilde

    Claudine Wilde Cast

  11. Photo of François Hadji-Lazaro

    François Hadji-Lazaro Cast

  12. Photo of Yan Epstein

    Yan Epstein Cast

  13. Photo of Sagamore Stévenin

    Sagamore Stévenin Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Guillaume Le Dantec

    Jean-Guillaume Le Dantec Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Pellerin

    Pierre Pellerin Cast

  16. Photo of Alain Stern

    Alain Stern Cast

  17. Photo of Thierry Liagre

    Thierry Liagre Cast

  18. Photo of Paulina Zidi

    Paulina Zidi Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-Jacques Tarbès

    Jean-Jacques Tarbès Cinematography

  20. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  21. Photo of Françoise De Leu

    Françoise De Leu Production Design

  22. Photo of Jean-Louis Livi

    Jean-Louis Livi Producer

  23. Photo of Nicole Saunier

    Nicole Saunier Editing

  24. Photo of William Flageollet

    William Flageollet Sound

  25. Photo of Jean-Louis Ughetto

    Jean-Louis Ughetto Sound