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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film La truite

    The kind of film I don't particularly appreciate. Cerebral without any character inducing empathy. Already forgotten.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film La truite

    Un film de Joseph Losey fort moyen, qui déçoit énormément par sa futilité apparente et le clinquant désuet de sa réalisation. Une déception vite pardonnée...

  3. Samuel T.'s rating of the film La truite

    Wow, that dude from "Un homme qui dort" is married to Isabelle Huppert? AND Jean-Pierre Cassel and Jeanne Moreau?! Unfortunately, Losey drops the ball here.. Notions of sexual repression, rabidity, and role-play, concepts that continually unfold and explode in his masterpiece "The Servant," are so utterly comprehensive here that the viewer falls asleep at the wheel. Still, Huppert stuns. 2.5

  4. NICOLE86's rating of the film La truite

    Isabelle Huppert plays with men like a cat plays with a ball of yarn in this film and its oh so enjoyable.

  5. Les films du miroir magique's rating of the film La truite

    Isabelle Huppert déjà elle-même, innocente dans sa perversion. Forme très libre, quasi décousue, déroutante de ce Losey. Comme souvent chez lui, cela commence par une intrusion.