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  1. Photo of Gérard Krawczyk

    Gérard Krawczyk Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Marie Gourio

    Jean-Marie Gourio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sylvie Testud

    Sylvie Testud Cast

  4. Photo of Josiane Balasko

    Josiane Balasko Cast

  5. Photo of Michel Muller

    Michel Muller Cast

  6. Photo of Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona Cast

  7. Photo of Catherine Hiegel

    Catherine Hiegel Cast

  8. Photo of Carole Weiss

    Carole Weiss Cast

  9. Photo of Maroussia Dubreuil

    Maroussia Dubreuil Cast

  10. Photo of Celia Rosich

    Celia Rosich Cast

  11. Photo of Danny Martinez

    Danny Martinez Cast

  12. Photo of Vincent Claude

    Vincent Claude Cast

  13. Photo of Jil Milan

    Jil Milan Cast

  14. Photo of Jacques Mathou

    Jacques Mathou Cast

  15. Photo of Agnès Château

    Agnès Château Cast

  16. Photo of Laurent Gendron

    Laurent Gendron Cast

  17. Photo of Chantal Banlier

    Chantal Banlier Cast

  18. Photo of Aline Kassabian

    Aline Kassabian Cast

  19. Photo of Jean Dell

    Jean Dell Cast

  20. Photo of George Aguilar

    George Aguilar Cast

  21. Photo of Valère Bertrand

    Valère Bertrand Cast

  22. Photo of Gérard Sterin

    Gérard Sterin Cinematography

  23. Photo of Alexandre Azaria

    Alexandre Azaria Music

  24. Photo of Jean-Jacques Gemolle

    Jean-Jacques Gemolle Production Design

  25. Photo of Jean-François Lepetit

    Jean-François Lepetit Producer

  26. Photo of Nicolas Trembasiewicz

    Nicolas Trembasiewicz Editing