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  1. Photo of Leopoldo Torres Ríos

    Leopoldo Torres Ríos Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Gola

    José Gola Cast

  3. Photo of Amelia Bence

    Amelia Bence Cast

  4. Photo of Cielito

    Cielito Cast

  5. Photo of Julio Renato

    Julio Renato Cast

  6. Photo of Anita Jordán

    Anita Jordán Cast

  7. Photo of Vicente Forastieri

    Vicente Forastieri Cast

  8. Photo of Ernesto Villegas

    Ernesto Villegas Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Torres

    Roberto Torres Cast

  10. Photo of Pascual Pelliciota

    Pascual Pelliciota Cast

  11. Photo of Mario Mario

    Mario Mario Cast

  12. Photo of Juan Siches de Alarcón

    Juan Siches de Alarcón Cast

  13. Photo of Enrique del Cerro

    Enrique del Cerro Cast

  14. Photo of Roberto Paéz

    Roberto Paéz Cast

  15. Photo of Mario Danesi

    Mario Danesi Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Torres Ríos

    Carlos Torres Ríos Cinematography

  17. Photo of Antonio Scelfo

    Antonio Scelfo Production Design

  18. Photo of Adolfo Z. Wilson

    Adolfo Z. Wilson Producer

  19. Photo of José Cardella

    José Cardella Editing