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  1. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Lady Bird

    We're children, all—of parents, of God, yet.

  2. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Lady Bird

    What the fuck does "authenticity" mean anyway?!

  3.'s rating of the film Lady Bird

    In this coming of age film we have a fantastic performance from Saoirse Ronan, strong, vulnerable and in equal parts, extremely unpredictable in what she says and does as Lady Bird. Brimming with misunderstanding between the young and old you just don't want it to stop.

  4. Lauren Burrell's rating of the film Lady Bird

  5. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Lady Bird

    "Lady Bird" evidently comes from a place of empathy on behalf of its all-star actress-turned-director Greta Gerwig, and that's one of many reasons it's so authentic. Moreover, its wryly funny tone is like someone who doesn't take life too seriously, which is why the emotional moments hit like a sucker-punch. Wish it wasn't so focused on boyfriends, though, as that undercut the moments between Lady Bird and her mom.

  6. Loz Loory's rating of the film Lady Bird

    3.5 I was looking forward to this movie so much, but found myself slightly disappointed. It didn't stray far from the usual coming-of-age high school story, though I always love seeing this told from the girl's point of view. The best lines were after the sex scene. Laurie Metcalf was perfect as the conflicted mother. Anyone who grew up wanting to escape from their dull town will appreciate this story.

  7. Film Aficionerdo's rating of the film Lady Bird

    Saorsie Ronan and Laurie Metcalf deserve Oscars. Greta Gerwig has always been one of my favorite artists and her voice resonates through this film with force. It's so funny and touching. I hope she directs again and again.

  8. yakiluna's rating of the film Lady Bird

  9. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Lady Bird

    A ceaselessly witty delight, moving through each rite of passage with the chipper speed of an adult who can look back fondly even on conflict and humiliation, and buoyed by Saoirse Ronan as the spunky, mouthy heroine that Juno couldn't be even in her most ostentatious dreams. It sticks too close to convention, but it's a bittersweet farewell to her, mine, yours and everyone's hometown, whether you liked it or not.

  10. Jacob Bearchum's rating of the film Lady Bird

    A "Tokyo Story" for millennials, and it's perfect. #GretaGerwigForever

  11. ebabehh's rating of the film Lady Bird

    The prequel to Frances Ha? For all its acclaim, there's nothing particularly exceptional about LB (the character or the film, yet another hyper-normal suburban American (middle-class striving, real estate,driving) HS coming-of-age tale that ends when its protagonist leaves her family at the start of college, for a "bigger world," in this case a global NYC that lacks the local attention and love of her blah hometown).

  12. Nathan Grey Hollis's rating of the film Lady Bird

    So much emotion in such sedulity. And the character development is incredible. Wonderful film.

  13. adina's rating of the film Lady Bird


  14. Michael Peer's rating of the film Lady Bird

    Since finishing Lady Bird, I haven't been able to stop gushing about it. One of the most authentic, lovely, moving, nuanced, and intimate coming-of-age masterstroke. There is so much love, nervous energy, and spontaneity in every frame. The performances are universally perfect. While the ending could have ended perfectly 5 minutes sooner, I can't find it in my heart to fault it. I love this movie and you will too.

  15. Drew.'s rating of the film Lady Bird

    Hi I was the person fully sobbing in the third row

  16. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Lady Bird

    In the semi-autobiographical film Gerwig goes against the genre’s tropes by having a central character focused on being a woman, instead of being defined by “chasing a boy,” as female coming-of-age stories often dictate. They are still part of the narrative, as they are an integral part to any teenager’s life, but it’s the mother-daughter relationship that ultimately emerges as Lady Bird’s defining love story.

  17. Max Swanson's rating of the film Lady Bird

    I literally cannot think of a single problem with this film. It's perfect from beginning to end, including its use of Dave Matthews Band.

  18. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Lady Bird

    I love that it remains unsaid that Lady Bird actually ends up at NYU.

  19. saudade's rating of the film Lady Bird