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  1. Photo of Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Screenplay

  2. Photo of D.H. Lawrence

    D.H. Lawrence Novel

  3. Photo of Joely Richardson

    Joely Richardson Cast

  4. Photo of Sean Bean

    Sean Bean Cast

  5. Photo of James Wilby

    James Wilby Cast

  6. Photo of Shirley Anne Field

    Shirley Anne Field Cast

  7. Photo of David Sterne

    David Sterne Cast

  8. Photo of Hetty Baynes

    Hetty Baynes Cast

  9. Photo of Melanie Hughes

    Melanie Hughes Cast

  10. Photo of Ken Russell

    Ken Russell Cast, Screenplay Director

  11. Photo of Breffni McKenna

    Breffni McKenna Cast

  12. Photo of Pat Keen

    Pat Keen Cast

  13. Photo of Judith Paris

    Judith Paris Cast

  14. Photo of Robin Vidgeon

    Robin Vidgeon Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jean-Claude Petit

    Jean-Claude Petit Music

  16. Photo of James Merifield

    James Merifield Production Design

  17. Photo of Michael Haggiag

    Michael Haggiag Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Tom Donald

    Tom Donald Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Robert Haggiag

    Robert Haggiag Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Barry Hanson

    Barry Hanson Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Jonah Eliasch

    Jonah Eliasch Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Alan Mackay

    Alan Mackay Editing

  23. Photo of Mick Audsley

    Mick Audsley Editing

  24. Photo of Peter Davies

    Peter Davies Editing

  25. Photo of Xavier Russell

    Xavier Russell Editing