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  1. Photo of Arthur Lubin

    Arthur Lubin Director

  2. Photo of Oscar Brodney

    Oscar Brodney Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harry Ruskin

    Harry Ruskin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maureen O'Hara

    Maureen O'Hara Cast

  5. Photo of George Nader

    George Nader Cast

  6. Photo of Victor McLaglen

    Victor McLaglen Cast

  7. Photo of Rex Reason

    Rex Reason Cast

  8. Photo of Torin Thatcher

    Torin Thatcher Cast

  9. Photo of Eduard Franz

    Eduard Franz Cast

  10. Photo of Leslie Bradley

    Leslie Bradley Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Shields

    Arthur Shields Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Warwick

    Robert Warwick Cast

  13. Photo of Arthur Gould-Porter

    Arthur Gould-Porter Cast

  14. Photo of Grant Withers

    Grant Withers Cast

  15. Photo of Anthony Eustrel

    Anthony Eustrel Cast

  16. Photo of Kathryn Givney

    Kathryn Givney Cast

  17. Photo of Sim Iness

    Sim Iness Cast

  18. Photo of Thayer Roberts

    Thayer Roberts Cast

  19. Photo of Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Cast

  20. Photo of Carl E. Guthrie

    Carl E. Guthrie Cinematography

  21. Photo of Hans J. Salter

    Hans J. Salter Music

  22. Photo of Frank Skinner

    Frank Skinner Music

  23. Photo of Robert F. Boyle

    Robert F. Boyle Production Design

  24. Photo of Alexander Golitzen

    Alexander Golitzen Production Design

  25. Photo of Robert Arthur

    Robert Arthur Producer

  26. Photo of Paul Weatherwax

    Paul Weatherwax Editing