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  1. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

  2. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    Wait Until Dark, The Sadist, and this, are 1960's chillers that feature scary-as-fuck male villains. James Caan gives an intimidating performance in this film with the hook of Twilight Zone or Hitchcock, and the downbeat nihilism of the following decade of Vietnam-era cinema. The tension still shocks and disturbs due to its tone and defeatism. And for being made during a time of censoring, that's saying something.

  3. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    Incredibly unpleasant, disturbing piece of cinema. At times comes across like an extended Twilight Zone episode but even at it's bleakest, it wasn't this nihilistic. No one is nice, no one cares about one another and it's the end of the world. As a portrait of America after JFK's assassination, it's interesting. But it's too downright brutal and sadistic to really recommend. A curiosity.

  4. Rocco's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    De Havilland gives an absolute howler of a performance as one of the most pedantic, irritatingly verbose characters imaginable, and the rest of the cast doesn't fare much better. Although the film has a flagrant, daring nastiness, its promise is squandered by its tepid, hollow attempts to comment on the degradation of American society.

  5. richardlawrn's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    The first 30 minutes are terribly boring. the teens did a great job. the plot is interesting and all that gratuitous violence makes one wonder what the hell those kids went through in their lives. Anyway, I probably won't watch this ever again. Olivia's performance didn't work for me...

  6. greers's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

  7. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    There was a time when older actresses couldn't get decent film offers. Unlike now. So Bette Davis did 'Baby Jane', which sparked a bunch of thrillers with similar themes. 'Lady' was definitely my favorite because of Olivia de Havilland and James Caan and the Greek tragedy reference. The movie really freaked me out, which I attribute to the acting.

  8. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    not as good as Wait Until Dark. Olivia fans must prefer The Snake Pit.

  9. ... and don't call me shirley's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

  10. tiagovitoria's rating of the film Lady in a Cage

    More than a story by itself. Lady in Cage is a society portrait from the Woman caged till the background of impersonality and individualism that comes with modern society. Despite some naivety moments, the film is a thrilling example - though little spoken - about a new wave of suspense productions of 6o's that became cult films. With a hitchcockian flavour, Lady in Cage is a terrific and well-made film.