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  1. Photo of Charles David

    Charles David Director

  2. Photo of Edmund Beloin

    Edmund Beloin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leslie Charteris

    Leslie Charteris Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert O'Brien

    Robert O'Brien Screenplay

  5. Photo of Deanna Durbin

    Deanna Durbin Cast

  6. Photo of Ralph Bellamy

    Ralph Bellamy Cast

  7. Photo of David Bruce

    David Bruce Cast

  8. Photo of George Coulouris

    George Coulouris Cast

  9. Photo of Allen Jenkins

    Allen Jenkins Cast

  10. Photo of Dan Duryea

    Dan Duryea Cast

  11. Photo of Edward Everett Horton

    Edward Everett Horton Cast

  12. Photo of Jacqueline deWit

    Jacqueline deWit Cast

  13. Photo of Patricia Morison

    Patricia Morison Cast

  14. Photo of Elizabeth Patterson

    Elizabeth Patterson Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Palmer

    Maria Palmer Cast

  16. Photo of Elwood Bredell

    Elwood Bredell Cinematography

  17. Photo of Miklós Rózsa

    Miklós Rózsa Music

  18. Photo of Robert Clatworthy

    Robert Clatworthy Production Design

  19. Photo of John B. Goodman

    John B. Goodman Production Design

  20. Photo of Felix Jackson

    Felix Jackson Producer

  21. Photo of Ted J. Kent

    Ted J. Kent Editing

  22. Photo of Bernard B. Brown

    Bernard B. Brown Sound

  23. Photo of Joe Lapis

    Joe Lapis Sound

  24. Photo of Howard Greer

    Howard Greer Costume Design