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  1. Photo of Daniel Grou (Podz)

    Daniel Grou (Podz) Director

  2. Photo of Nicole Robert

    Nicole Robert Producer

  3. Photo of Danielle Dansereau

    Danielle Dansereau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bernard Couture

    Bernard Couture Cinematography

  5. Photo of Valérie Héroux

    Valérie Héroux Editing

  6. Photo of André Guimond

    André Guimond Production Design

  7. Photo of Pierre-Jules Audet

    Pierre-Jules Audet Sound

  8. Photo of Marc-André Grondin

    Marc-André Grondin Cast

  9. Photo of Benoit Priest

    Benoit Priest Cast

  10. Photo of Geneviève Brouillette

    Geneviève Brouillette Cast

  11. Photo of Martin Dubreuil

    Martin Dubreuil Cast

  12. Photo of Angie Medrano

    Angie Medrano Cast

  13. Photo of Francine Ruel

    Francine Ruel Cast

  14. Photo of Marilyn Castonguay

    Marilyn Castonguay Cast

  15. Photo of Kathleen Fortin

    Kathleen Fortin Cast

  16. Photo of Guy Létourneau

    Guy Létourneau Cast

  17. Photo of Francis La Haye

    Francis La Haye Cast

  18. Photo of Ariane Legault

    Ariane Legault Cast

  19. Photo of Carla Turcotte

    Carla Turcotte Cast

  20. Photo of Eric K. Boulianne

    Eric K. Boulianne Cast

  21. Photo of Raphaël Lacaille

    Raphaël Lacaille Cast

  22. Photo of Sarianne Cormier

    Sarianne Cormier Cast