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  1. Photo of Guy Lefranc

    Guy Lefranc Director

  2. Photo of Michel Lebrun

    Michel Lebrun Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gilles Morris-Dumoulin

    Gilles Morris-Dumoulin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eddie Constantine

    Eddie Constantine Cast

  5. Photo of Daphné Dayle

    Daphné Dayle Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Grazia Spina

    Maria Grazia Spina Cast

  7. Photo of Patricia Viterbo

    Patricia Viterbo Cast

  8. Photo of Colette Teissèdre

    Colette Teissèdre Cast

  9. Photo of Hubert de Lapparent

    Hubert de Lapparent Cast

  10. Photo of Gérard Darrieu

    Gérard Darrieu Cast

  11. Photo of Raymond Jourdan

    Raymond Jourdan Cast

  12. Photo of Henri Lambert

    Henri Lambert Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Brocard

    Christian Brocard Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Dréan

    Jean-Pierre Dréan Cast

  15. Photo of Philippe Guégan

    Philippe Guégan Cast

  16. Photo of Nino Ferrer

    Nino Ferrer Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Lecomte

    Pierre Lecomte Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Rollis

    Robert Rollis Cast

  19. Photo of Jean Thielment

    Jean Thielment Cast

  20. Photo of Jean Valmence

    Jean Valmence Cast

  21. Photo of Jean-Jacques Steen

    Jean-Jacques Steen Cast

  22. Photo of Guy Tréjan

    Guy Tréjan Cast

  23. Photo of Henri Persin

    Henri Persin Cinematography

  24. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  25. Photo of Jean Mottet

    Jean Mottet Producer

  26. Photo of Jacques Roitfeld

    Jacques Roitfeld Producer

  27. Photo of Monique Kirsanoff

    Monique Kirsanoff Editing

  28. Photo of Chantal Delattre

    Chantal Delattre Editing

  29. Photo of Pierre Balmain

    Pierre Balmain Costume Design