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  1. Photo of Narendra Suri

    Narendra Suri Director

  2. Photo of Mohan Segal

    Mohan Segal Producer

  3. Photo of Sachin Bhowmick

    Sachin Bhowmick Screenplay

  4. Photo of Umesh Mathur

    Umesh Mathur Screenplay

  5. Photo of Surendra Shailaj

    Surendra Shailaj Screenplay

  6. Photo of M.N. Malhotra

    M.N. Malhotra Cinematography

  7. Photo of Nargis

    Nargis Cast

  8. Photo of Balraj Sahni

    Balraj Sahni Cast

  9. Photo of Kumari Naaz

    Kumari Naaz Cast

  10. Photo of Prabhu Dayal

    Prabhu Dayal Cast

  11. Photo of Radhakrishan

    Radhakrishan Cast

  12. Photo of Manorama

    Manorama Cast

  13. Photo of Kusum Thakur

    Kusum Thakur Cast

  14. Photo of Mumtaz Begum

    Mumtaz Begum Cast

  15. Photo of Pratap Dave

    Pratap Dave Editing

  16. Photo of Sachin Dev Burman

    Sachin Dev Burman Music

  17. Photo of Essa M. Suratwala

    Essa M. Suratwala Sound

  18. Photo of Leela Mishra

    Leela Mishra Cast

  19. Photo of Master Anwar

    Master Anwar Cast