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  1. Photo of Taneli Mustonen

    Taneli Mustonen Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Santeri Helinheimo

    Santeri Helinheimo Cast

  3. Photo of Mimosa Willamo

    Mimosa Willamo Cast

  4. Photo of Nelly Hirst-Gee

    Nelly Hirst-Gee Cast

  5. Photo of Mikael Gabriel

    Mikael Gabriel Cast

  6. Photo of Ilkka Heiskanen

    Ilkka Heiskanen Cast

  7. Photo of Pirjo Moilanen

    Pirjo Moilanen Cast

  8. Photo of Tommi Korpela

    Tommi Korpela Cast

  9. Photo of Jarkko Niemi

    Jarkko Niemi Cast

  10. Photo of Ville Saksela

    Ville Saksela Cast

  11. Photo of Sami Eerola

    Sami Eerola Cast

  12. Photo of Otso Ahosola

    Otso Ahosola Cast

  13. Photo of Iiris Kankkunen

    Iiris Kankkunen Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Lindholm

    Daniel Lindholm Cinematography

  15. Photo of Panu Aalto

    Panu Aalto Music

  16. Photo of Anneli Arusaar

    Anneli Arusaar Production Design

  17. Photo of Aleksi Hyvärinen

    Aleksi Hyvärinen Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Fabien Westerhoff

    Fabien Westerhoff Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Joris van Wijk

    Joris van Wijk Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Toni Valla

    Toni Valla Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Aleksi Raij

    Aleksi Raij Editing

  22. Photo of Panu Riikonen

    Panu Riikonen Sound

  23. Photo of Jörgen Terepson

    Jörgen Terepson Costume Design