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Ratings & Reviews

  1. BRUJA & PUTA's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Me gustaría haberme encontrado con otros argumentos en contra del aborto y que no se recaiga siempre en lo religioso; para sentirlo como un debate más real aún en torno el tema. Sin embargo, no deja de de ser una joyita que invita a la reflexión, a las preguntas éticas y al estigma social. EDUCACIÓN SEXUAL PARA DECIDIR, ANTICONCEPTIVOS PARA NO ABORTAR, ABORTO LEGAL PARA NO MORIR.

  2. Erklgh's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Creo hay mas fundamento contraabortistas ademas del religioso que estos no se aborden hace al documental un poco amarillista, pero aun asi sigue siendo una hermosa pieza que muestra con seriedad un fuerte punto de vista de porque tendriamos todxs que ser pro-eleccion.

  3. Bruno's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    interessante sobretudo como registo de comunidades nos EUA, mais do que como reflexão e discussão do aborto, melhor dizendo, do que o torna ou não permissível em sociedade, este é o princípio da prática, o aborto como acontece nesta suburbana fora do provincianismo liberal das capitais, as pessoas que trabalham nas clínicas, os activismos, as mulheres pacientes, os fetos mortos, os sermões dos céus e dos infernos

  4. JCPJD's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    It's been a while since I've seen this and normally that would stop me writing a review - but not this film. I remember so much years on. Kaye's film is an all encompassing masterpiece. Oddly enough, there isn't much to say about the content, one must decide on it for oneself. So, I'll just say the film is well crafted and suggest you watch it if you haven't.

  5. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Very balanced, unbiased documentary. Runs a tad too long, sometimes it becomes repetitive. But it's definitely the best documentary on abortion I've ever seen.

  6. Michelle Arf's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    A touch too long (by the end, the arguments are just repetitious), but you couldn't ask for a more impartial, level-headed look at an extremely emotional issue.

  7. Rafael Marques's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    "Impartial" is not the only adjective you use to define a documentary like this one. Lake of Fire shows you how to put the right questions for a problem that probably will never have a single answer.

  8. filipequintans's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Um dos mais claros e contundentes filmes sobre aborto.

  9. serotoninronin's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Fuck Peter Singer. Great flick though.

  10. HEDONIST's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Masterful documentary of epic proportion -- this is the stuff that true documentary cinema is made of... ¡Bravo!

  11. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Astonishing. The best documentary I've seen. A cinematic masterwork.

  12. ExitBxC's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    If you're going to dive into this area for a Doc. you'd better give it the time this film does. Everyone, everyone, gets their time, their POV, their slot in front of the camera.They either strengthen their position or weaken it based solely on their own words. So shall it be. Kaye filmed & filmed & filmed and the results are/is one of the purest Docs. I have ever seen. Unflinching to its core.

  13. Richard Vialet's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    I was totally floored by this one. No matter what your opinions are on the subject, there is no denying what an achievement this film is.

  14. Linda Crisan's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    From a girl who's essentially pro-choice: this certainly made me review some of my concepts about abortion. It is really a documentary, while most documentaries are pamphlets (see M Moore) giving preference to one side of the issue. Precisely because Lake of Fire is so balanced, it is doubly confusing.

  15. Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    The quintessential abortion documentary. If anything, this served to reinforce my convictions about the subject, and will surely do the same for a lot of people, no matter where they stand on the issue.

  16. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Lake of Fire

    Excellent documentary from filmmaker Tony Kaye is most effective when it examines the lives of the people behind the issues, rather than talking head sequences where politics and philosophy are discussed. Well-crafted with excellent black and white cinematography - though at times it does struggle to sustain its exorbitant running time.