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  1. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roger Fournier

    Roger Fournier Screenplay

  3. Photo of André Link

    André Link Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Louise Marleau

    Louise Marleau Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Riberolles

    Jacques Riberolles Cast

  6. Photo of Charlotte Boisjoli

    Charlotte Boisjoli Cast

  7. Photo of Ovila Légaré

    Ovila Légaré Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Pierre Compain

    Jean-Pierre Compain Cast

  9. Photo of Germaine Giroux

    Germaine Giroux Cast

  10. Photo of Nana de Varennes

    Nana de Varennes Cast

  11. Photo of Denise Proulx

    Denise Proulx Cast

  12. Photo of Denise Cléroux

    Denise Cléroux Cast

  13. Photo of Simone Piuze

    Simone Piuze Cast

  14. Photo of Yvan Canuel

    Yvan Canuel Cast

  15. Photo of Suzanne Valéry

    Suzanne Valéry Cast

  16. Photo of Celine Bernier

    Celine Bernier Cast

  17. Photo of Teddy Burns Goulet

    Teddy Burns Goulet Cast

  18. Photo of Jean-Pierre Legare

    Jean-Pierre Legare Cast

  19. Photo of Suzanne Plouffe

    Suzanne Plouffe Cast

  20. Photo of Yves Plouffe

    Yves Plouffe Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Guilda

    Jean Guilda Cast

  22. Photo of René Verzier

    René Verzier Cinematography

  23. Photo of François Cousineau

    François Cousineau Music

  24. Photo of Diane Dufresne

    Diane Dufresne Music

  25. Photo of John Dunning

    John Dunning Producer

  26. Photo of Jean LaFleur

    Jean LaFleur Editing

  27. Photo of Jean-Pierre Saradin

    Jean-Pierre Saradin Sound