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  1. Photo of Paulo Caldas

    Paulo Caldas Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pedro Severien

    Pedro Severien Screenplay

  3. Photo of Amin Stepple

    Amin Stepple Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fábio Assunção

    Fábio Assunção Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Padilha

    Maria Padilha Cast

  6. Photo of Gabriel Braga Nunes

    Gabriel Braga Nunes Cast

  7. Photo of Nicolau Breyner

    Nicolau Breyner Cast

  8. Photo of Germano Haiut

    Germano Haiut Cast

  9. Photo of Fernanda Vianna

    Fernanda Vianna Cast

  10. Photo of Juliana Kametani

    Juliana Kametani Cast

  11. Photo of Paulo Jacinto dos Reis

    Paulo Jacinto dos Reis Cinematography

  12. Photo of Michelle Agnes

    Michelle Agnes Music

  13. Photo of Karen Araujo

    Karen Araujo Production Design

  14. Photo of Vânia Catani

    Vânia Catani Executive Producer and Producer

  15. Photo of Samantha Capdeville

    Samantha Capdeville Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Vânia Debs

    Vânia Debs Editing