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  1. Photo of Ray Lawrence

    Ray Lawrence Director

  2. Photo of Jan Chapman

    Jan Chapman Producer

  3. Photo of Andrew Bovell

    Andrew Bovell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mandy Walker

    Mandy Walker Cinematography

  5. Photo of Anthony LaPaglia

    Anthony LaPaglia Cast

  6. Photo of Kerry Armstrong

    Kerry Armstrong Cast

  7. Photo of Mikael Borglund

    Mikael Borglund Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Rainer Mockert

    Rainer Mockert Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Steve Hadley

    Steve Hadley Music

  10. Photo of Bruce Haymes

    Bruce Haymes Music

  11. Photo of Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly Music

  12. Photo of Peter Luscombe

    Peter Luscombe Music

  13. Photo of Shane O'Mara

    Shane O'Mara Music

  14. Photo of Karl Sodersten

    Karl Sodersten Editing

  15. Photo of Kim Buddee

    Kim Buddee Production Design

  16. Photo of Geoffrey Rush

    Geoffrey Rush Cast

  17. Photo of Barbara Hershey

    Barbara Hershey Cast

  18. Photo of Rachael Blake

    Rachael Blake Cast

  19. Photo of Glenn Robbins

    Glenn Robbins Cast

  20. Photo of Daniella Farinacci

    Daniella Farinacci Cast

  21. Photo of Vince Colosimo

    Vince Colosimo Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Phelps

    Peter Phelps Cast

  23. Photo of Leah Purcell

    Leah Purcell Cast

  24. Photo of Manu Bennett

    Manu Bennett Cast