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  1. Paul and Wade's rating of the film Lantana

    Understated. Finishes strong yet somehow remains a mystery.

  2. Adam GR's rating of the film Lantana

    People just need to learn to love and trust. Heartful acting from Anthony LaPaglia, Kerry Armstrong, weirdo Rachael Blake, American treasure Barbara Hershey, and an elusive Geoffrey Rush. The lantana is a gorgeous weed. I like the man who cried. (You see the boom in a shot!)

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film Lantana

    Pretty much just like a television police mystery but with Australian accents.

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Lantana

    Far better than expected. Strong performances all around. Real people with real problems with real flaws trying to find love rejecting love realizing it was never there and picking up the pieces or trying to at any rate. You hope for the best but expect the worst as the screen fades to black.

  5. mpho3's rating of the film Lantana

    "The problem with many movie mysteries is that they inspire you to think more than to feel. Lantana, in contrast, is more intent on engaging the heart as it explores the mysteries contained within -- mysteries that, as Lawrence and his spot-on cast demonstrate, are far more compelling than simple murder." - Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune

  6. Semaj Hatcher's rating of the film Lantana

    Lantana is a watered down version of tom white. This film introduces grief in the most horrific way. The film starts off with the discovering of limbs from a dead body. Discovering the identity of the dead body is the base of the film and in the process, revealing relationships between characters eventually makes more sense at the end of the film. This film has a lot of anger built within revenge is the plot.

  7. Dmitry Samarov's rating of the film Lantana

    Great performances from the entire cast almost rescue a story which depends way too much on coincidences and other plot twists which strain belief. Still there's an emotional honesty to most of these lost, unhappy people which can't be denied, no matter what absurd action the screenplay foists on them.

  8. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Lantana

    Tightly drawn thriller where every set up has a payoff, almost to an exhausting degree. If you can get past the coincidence and happenstance, it's a very rewarding story revolving around people who close themselves off from feeling. And how doing so wrecks their relationships.

  9. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Lantana

    Based on the play ' Speaking In Tongues' by Andrew Bovell. A really good mystery plus a film about real people and the lack of communication. Compelling. Highly recommended.

  10. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Lantana

    A relationship drama, by way of psychoanalytic extraction, filtered through a vaguely noirish lens. Films about infidelity can get tedious quickly, but Lantana holds the intrigue, and lets the mystery spin out till the very end.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Lantana

    Takes a while to get going as it weaves all of its various strands of characters. But once it does get going, it really packs a powerful punch. It delves into the emotions of love, trust, betrayal and also into marriage, fidelity and family. Not perfect (the characters seem TOO tied together at times and the aforementioned slow start), but still, it does rise above its imperfections and delivers an emotional wallop.

  12. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Lantana

    Takes WAY too long to get to the death. Then becomes interesting.

  13. Joel's rating of the film Lantana

    Thoughtful and artfully played out drama with thriller-undertones. Ultimately a little underwhelming and lacking in real payoff. But nevertheless an enjoyable ride.

  14. Susannah Magers's rating of the film Lantana

    A thoughtful meditation on the oft-evaded gray areas in relationships. Two male leads dodge their wives' pleas for emotional connection. Anthony Lapaglia is great however obnoxious his self-loathing violent streak is to witness. Geoffrey Rush is underutilized, but still chillingly emotionally shut off, and cruel, to his wife (played with sharp perfection by Barbara Hershey). It's well-paced despite being two hours.

  15. Saar's rating of the film Lantana

    I really liked this. The characters each had depth. The leading lady was worth my time and the story twisted nicely making you thing you were going North only to end up down under and surprised.

  16. Loz Loory's rating of the film Lantana

    2.5 Most of the characters are overwrought, gloomy, and uninteresting to me, with the exception of the nurse and her husband. Their family dynamic is fresh, bohemian, honest, and unusual in that they model an enlightened version of roles for men & women in relationships. The scene where he asks to speak with his wife is heartbreaking.I liked the twist to the mystery solution. It's meta.

  17. Greg's rating of the film Lantana

    You think with something like a mystery there would be cops looking for answers. Well this film is every thing but, it takes almost the whole film for the actual mystery to began, until than you are watching nothing but peoples affairs and personal problems. The only good thing about this film is that it starts Geoffrey Rush, other than that, there are bad mystery films and then there is lantana.

  18. no excuses's rating of the film Lantana

    Bourgeois grief and its attendant paranoia, confusion, and misdirection. No murder at all, except the therapist's daughter, outside the film proper but a parallel media sensation in book form. And we as audience carry a "suspicion" with us from nearly beginning to end... The extraordinary head-on collision followed by weeping into the arms of a stranger.

  19. Victor W's rating of the film Lantana

    This though provoking suspense was a classic as it had me on my toes at every minute. Although the film is a little outdated, the story line was captivating and ingeniously intricate. As the film developed the suspense continuously grows leaving the viewer invested and a feeling of anxiousness almost. The acting, directing, and cinematography was superb furthermore supporting the genius story line.

  20. NovaCayne's rating of the film Lantana

    The plot was very nice and the characters were played well by the actors. easy to follow.

  21. Sergiu Scripcă's rating of the film Lantana

    Solid, if a bit too reliant on its own (often improbable) interconnectedness.

  22. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Lantana

    7.6/10 my review:

  23. FISCHER's rating of the film Lantana

    Une oeuvre apparemment complexe, mais dont l'évidence et la rigueur en font un plaisir raffiné et un solide argument pour la cinématographie australe...

  24. captainfez's rating of the film Lantana

    Interpersonal relations fucking suck. So does dying.

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