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  1. Photo of Eugenio Martín

    Eugenio Martín Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vicente Coello

    Vicente Coello Screenplay

  3. Photo of Santiago Moncada

    Santiago Moncada Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jesús María de Arozamena

    Jesús María de Arozamena Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rocío Dúrcal

    Rocío Dúrcal Cast

  6. Photo of Alfredo Landa

    Alfredo Landa Cast

  7. Photo of Isabel Garcés

    Isabel Garcés Cast

  8. Photo of José Sazatornil

    José Sazatornil Cast

  9. Photo of Jeremy Bulloch

    Jeremy Bulloch Cast

  10. Photo of Juanito Navarro

    Juanito Navarro Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Garisa

    Antonio Garisa Cast

  12. Photo of Valentín Tornos

    Valentín Tornos Cast

  13. Photo of Goyo Lebrero

    Goyo Lebrero Cast

  14. Photo of Venancio Muro

    Venancio Muro Cast

  15. Photo of Christian Matras

    Christian Matras Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gregorio García Segura

    Gregorio García Segura Music

  17. Photo of Luis Sanz

    Luis Sanz Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Pablo González del Amo

    Pablo González del Amo Editing