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  1. taniaburrito's rating of the film Last Orders

  2. raggiodisole's rating of the film Last Orders

    some greats in this film, but its all over the place. acting not bad but must do better, storyline has little idea what to make of its key character, but strangely, that's also the films strength - ambivalence abounds

  3. Benji's rating of the film Last Orders

    Really liked this film. Very English.

  4. ajdehany's rating of the film Last Orders

    Solid and moving adaptation of Graham Swift.

  5. nickolia's rating of the film Last Orders

    i loved reading Last Orders but for some reason, 12m 34s into this film, i had to stop watching. maybe it's the dated soundtrack, maybe it's the cast that so 'rich' in big name and characters that it stops being real.

  6. Alex Hall's rating of the film Last Orders

    Pretty awful. Borders on banal nationalism. Too many cliches for my liking.

  7. Superfrog's rating of the film Last Orders

    Loving the impressionist treatment in colourful touches and microstories interweaving to create a whole. The flirtations scenes are particularity well managed.

  8. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Last Orders

    Many of the cast are so familiar, cannot really dislike it. Bit too sentimental for my taste, preferred the scenes when they were young, when you know the actors so well and they are playing to type it's a bit stodgy, if that makes sense..

  9. 'king Harold's rating of the film Last Orders

    Close to my heart and life in many ways, they feel like family. A particularly English story. I shed a tear.

  10. PFL's rating of the film Last Orders

    A frustrating picture which feels more like a piece of theatre than a film. Some nice touches provide glimpses at what might have been but such moments are all too rare. The direction is lacking in panache, the music feels especially dated, and not even a cast of fine actors are always able to save the dialogue from sounding clunky. Still, there are some touching scenes and a few amusing moments.

  11. Vere's rating of the film Last Orders

    What a cast! A beautiful, tender, funny and bittersweet movie about friendship, the vicissitudes of life, love and getting old. A truly wonderful watch and acted to perfection.

  12. Cbarky99's rating of the film Last Orders

    You know how often there's a drama where the director has to cast different actors to play the main characters at an earlier stage in their lives and there's no resemblance at all and it pulls you out of the movie? I don't know who handled casting for this film, but they did an amazing job here--the young actors who match up with Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Michael Caine are dead ringers.