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  1. Photo of Georg Tressler

    Georg Tressler Director

  2. Photo of Will Tremper

    Will Tremper Screenplay

  3. Photo of Axel von Hahn

    Axel von Hahn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Frey

    Barbara Frey Cast

  6. Photo of Edith Elmay

    Edith Elmay Cast

  7. Photo of Karin Hardt

    Karin Hardt Cast

  8. Photo of Benno Hoffmann

    Benno Hoffmann Cast

  9. Photo of Franz Nicklisch

    Franz Nicklisch Cast

  10. Photo of Kurt Waitzmann

    Kurt Waitzmann Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Uwe Witt

    Peter Uwe Witt Cast

  12. Photo of Heinz Liedtke

    Heinz Liedtke Cast

  13. Photo of Harry Raymon

    Harry Raymon Cast

  14. Photo of Lou Seitz

    Lou Seitz Cast

  15. Photo of Andreas Schürenberg

    Andreas Schürenberg Cast

  16. Photo of Heinrich Hildebrandt

    Heinrich Hildebrandt Cast

  17. Photo of Annelise Hartnack

    Annelise Hartnack Cast

  18. Photo of Brigitte Loeblich

    Brigitte Loeblich Cast

  19. Photo of Horst Gentzen

    Horst Gentzen Cast

  20. Photo of Anneliese Würtz

    Anneliese Würtz Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Fitte

    Peter Fitte Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Hippler

    Peter Hippler Cast

  23. Photo of Malte Petzel

    Malte Petzel Cast

  24. Photo of Gudrun Krüger

    Gudrun Krüger Cast

  25. Photo of Andreas York

    Andreas York Cast

  26. Photo of Johanna von Koczian

    Johanna von Koczian Cast

  27. Photo of Helmut Ashley

    Helmut Ashley Cinematography

  28. Photo of Martin Böttcher

    Martin Böttcher Music

  29. Photo of Herbert Kirchhoff

    Herbert Kirchhoff Production Design

  30. Photo of Wenzel Lüdecke

    Wenzel Lüdecke Producer

  31. Photo of Kurt Zeunert

    Kurt Zeunert Editing

  32. Photo of Joachim Flamme

    Joachim Flamme Sound