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  1. Photo of Bettina Oberli

    Bettina Oberli Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sabine Pochhammer

    Sabine Pochhammer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfi Sinniger

    Alfi Sinniger Producer

  4. Photo of Luk Zimmermann

    Luk Zimmermann Music

  5. Photo of Stéphane Kuthy

    Stéphane Kuthy Cinematography

  6. Photo of Mike Schaerer

    Mike Schaerer Editing

  7. Photo of Monica Rottmeyer

    Monica Rottmeyer Production Design

  8. Photo of Marc von Stürler

    Marc von Stürler Sound

  9. Photo of Stephanie Glaser

    Stephanie Glaser Cast

  10. Photo of Annemarie Düringer

    Annemarie Düringer Cast

  11. Photo of Heidi Maria Glössner

    Heidi Maria Glössner Cast

  12. Photo of Monica Gubser

    Monica Gubser Cast

  13. Photo of Hanspeter Müller

    Hanspeter Müller Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Wyssbrod

    Peter Wyssbrod Cast

  15. Photo of Monika Niggeler

    Monika Niggeler Cast

  16. Photo of Manfred Liechti

    Manfred Liechti Cast

  17. Photo of Matthias Fankhauser

    Matthias Fankhauser Cast

  18. Photo of Lilian Naef

    Lilian Naef Cast

  19. Photo of Walter Ruch

    Walter Ruch Cast

  20. Photo of Alice Bruengger

    Alice Bruengger Cast

  21. Photo of Andreas Matti

    Andreas Matti Cast

  22. Photo of Ruth Schwegler

    Ruth Schwegler Cast

  23. Photo of Alex Freihart

    Alex Freihart Cast

  24. Photo of Urs Bihler

    Urs Bihler Cast

  25. Photo of Nina Iseli

    Nina Iseli Cast

  26. Photo of Rahel Hubacher

    Rahel Hubacher Cast

  27. Photo of Valerie Keller

    Valerie Keller Cast

  28. Photo of Katarina Tereh

    Katarina Tereh Cast