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Ratings & Reviews

  1. bryanvmh's rating of the film Lathe of Heaven

    Can't possibly live up to Ursula's prose, but despite the requisite cheese this movie stays true to the book's (divine) structure. One of the few speculative fictions that feels simultaneously prescient and hopeful.

  2. TheBigCombo's rating of the film Lathe of Heaven

    Gran concepto. Premisa intrigante. Resiste hasta la aparición del tortugo parlante. Ahí si, uno empieza a pensar en lo delirante del proyecto, el bajísimo presupuesto, los malos actores, etc

  3. Joshua Dysart's rating of the film Lathe of Heaven

    Aliens crafted in the preconscious of a passive everyman land on earth and end up uniting the human race, speaking acquiescent wisdoms, working in antique shops, pacifying the conscious mind of their own creator and finally stabilizing the anxiety-ridden reality he has continuously been remaking since an atomic war. All of that - and so much more - on a budget of only $250,000. This flick is a amazing!

  4. Mugino's rating of the film Lathe of Heaven

    It's always fun to discover old sci-fi like this. What viewers need to understand is that this was shot in 2 weeks on a $250,000 budget as part of an experimental PBS project. When you consider how much this film is able to convey with so little, one cannot help but admire it.